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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

Notes: 1. Review and

Notes: 1. Review and Herald, 3-16-1886, p. 169; Pacific Union Recorder, 7-7-1910 2. Pacific Union Recorder, 9-1-1910; Rise and Progress of S.D.A., p. 212 3. Pacific Union Recorder, 9-1-1910; Review and Herald, 7-161-857, p. 85 4. Review and Herald, 10-15-1857, p. 189 5. Pacific Union Recorder, 9-8-1910 6. Pacific Union Recorder, 2-16-1911 7. Pacific Union Recorder, 9-28-1911 122

Chapter 9 Organization and the Civil War The year 1860 marked a new and important feature in the advancement of the work. The printing outfit of hand press and type, valued at $700, which was paid for by donations of our people and moved to Battle Creek in 1855, was augmented in 1857 by the addition of a power press. In 1860, the publishing plant of the Review and Herald, aside from the building, was worth $5,000. While Elder White was legally owner of this property, he did not call it his own but said, "This is the property of the church. I am only managing it." Satan moved upon some enemies to say, "You see how Elder White is building up a property of his own from the liberalities of the people." To defeat such insinuations and provide proper management of a rapidly growing cause, the elder was impressed that some plan should be devised for conducting the business of the church. To 123

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