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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

Then, without

Then, without taking pains to learn who the ladies in worldly dress were, they returned with great stories of the pride of the Battle Creek Church, and how they saw them decorated with feathers and jewelry. They also trumped up objections to the testimonies, and set out to cause division in our ranks in Iowa. Of all this we knew nothing until we reached Monroe, Wisconsin (June 9). There Elder Ingraham showed Elder White a letter he received from Snook which said, "Brother Ingraham, what do you think of striking out on the old plan of the independence of the churches? ..." In this Elder White at once spotted rebellion, and throwing off conference organization. When we reached Pilot Grove, where a spring session of the Iowa Conference was to be held, we learned that Snook and Brinkerhoff were teaching that the message would go forward as soon as it was rid of Sister White's testimonies. When we met in conference with our people at Pilot Grove, Elder White proposed that, before 144

entering upon any business, there be an investigation of the charges made by Snook and Brinkerhoff. They elected me chairman of that meeting, and we devoted a full day (June 30) to the problem. The two men stated their objections, and either Elder or Mrs. White made reply. At 5 p.m. both men admitted that their objections were fully answered and that they had no more. A day or so later I saw each of them, separately, hand to Elder White written confessions of their wrong course, then on Sunday, before a large audience of outside parties, Snook said that he had been serving the devil in his opposition to the Whites. But after a few days, B. F. Snook's objections revived. He began to communicate with Brinkerhoff, and that ended his labors in our ranks, and they were again on their scheme of "independence of the churches." However, this did not assume its final fighting for several months. Meanwhile I labored with the Iowa churches. With reluctance I parted from Elder White, but duty called to different fields, and so our journeyings together, which had been of great encouragement 145

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