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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

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not fellowship with their formality and pride. When they saw the notice of the evangelists coming with a tent, they prayed that if these were the Lord's servants, they might have a prosperous journey. The night following their prayer meeting, one of their prominent members, Mr. Wolf, was given a very impressive dream. He saw gloom and darkness settled all over the surrounding country. While considering this, he saw two men building a fire which brought cheer to the inhabitants. As the fire blazed brightly and his people were rejoicing in the light, he saw all the ministers of Petaluma come with brush and grass, throwing it upon the fire to extinguish the flames. But the more they tried to put out the fire, the brighter it burned. While the ministers were trying to put out the first fire, the two men had started a second. This process was repeated until the men had kindled five fires. The ministers lamented, "The more we put out the fires, the brighter they burn. There is no use trying to publicly oppose these men for they get the advantage of us every time." Then Mr. Wolf 164

dreamed that the two men were the ones who were coming with the tent. He related his dream to his brethren, telling them he must see these evangelists on their arrival for if they were the men of his dream, he would surely know them. We were not expecting our tent until two weeks after our arrival. What was our surprise on the morning of July 20, as Elder Bourdeau and I took a walk to the Pacific Mail wharf, to see the sacks containing our tent had come on the same steamer with us! Here was another providence. Our tent was among the extra freight put on at Panama for which we had paid only slow freight rates. Since our tent had come, we hurried to get side poles, ropes, lamps, and fixtures ready. We had the tent moved to St. Johns and began to study and pray about where to erect it. The few Sabbathkeepers were anxious that our first effort be held there, but when we prayed about it, our minds were impressed to go to the northwest, away from San Francisco. With all our searching in the city, we found only one place that could be secured, and the 165

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