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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

for the Sabbath

for the Sabbath services. The opposition of Mr. Morton made possible a building of our own. The owner of the two lots upon which the tent had been pitched deeded us the ground and also gave $500. Then many promised cash donations, and a contractor offered to superintend the erection of the building. Since the Piner schoolhouse had always been open for religious services, we announced the next Sabbath meeting to be held there, unaware of new opposition from Mr. Peugh, father of two recent converts. Peugh now shared Morton's sentiments that we were Mormons. After assisting Elder Bourdeau with the Healdsburg meetings during the week, I prepared for the Sabbath service at the Piner schoolhouse. My wife said, "I am deeply impressed that there is trouble ahead. I'm going with you tomorrow." Sabbath morning, June 19, we went with our horse and buggy to Mrs. Skinner's arriving at 7 a.m. Here we learned that Mr. Peugh had nailed 180

shut the windows and doors of the schoolhouse saying, "Loughborough shall not enter this place again." He had also sharpened a huge butcher knife and prepared a long club to waylay me and kill me. After breakfast we saw him armed with knife and club, pass the house taking the road along which we had just come from Healdsburg. Of course, he did not expect us until about meeting time. I said to Mrs. Skinner, "I hope he will have a good time up the road waiting for me." 181

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