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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

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at our lodging house and wishes to speak with you." "And his name is William Hunt," I said, "with whom I have been corresponding since July, 1869." "I am the man," responded the stranger. "I have come to spend a few days here before leaving the United States." He stayed at Bloomfield five days, and before leaving asked for a set of charts, and any books he might not already have. He said, "I'm going to sail for New Zealand, and if things do not open up there, I shall go to the diamond mines of South Africa."[4] After paying for the charts, he handed me a tendollar gold piece as a present, saying, "I shall probably never see you again, but you will hear from me after a while. I shall, by the Lord's help, ever faithfully obey the truth." 190

During the winter of 1870-71, Elder Miles Grant, a First-day Adventist minister from New England, came to San Francisco and raised a great interest in prophecy. Later in the spring, a revivalist from the East held successful tent meetings here. We felt it would be wise to erect our tent in the city just after these meetings closed. So on June 14, our meetings opened on Market St. with every seat filled. On the second evening, Elder M. E. Cornell arrived from the East to assist me. We continued our meetings until July 27, when the northwest trade winds became so cold we accepted an offer to meet in the Baptist Church on Sixth Street. An experience came to us in January, 1872, which served to confirm the faith of that young church in the spirit of prophecy. Elder Cornell persisted in an independent course which I felt would bring reproach upon himself and upon the cause. Innocent as it seemed, he conducted himself injudiciously with a lady of the congregation, showing partiality which aroused comment among the enemies of the faith. Although far from the 191

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