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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

orders of immorality, I

orders of immorality, I reasoned with him that he should shun every appearance of evil. He said it was nobody's business, and that he could walk the streets with whomever he pleased. The older church members saw the evil of his waywardness and were ready to subject him to censure, but the younger ones sided with him. Thus the matter stood on Sabbath, Jan. 27, when it was decided than an investigation must be made and action taken. To all appearances a division in the church was inevitable. A meeting was appointed for 9 a.m. Sunday morning. I spent much of the night in prayer. On the morning of the 28th, as I started out for the meeting, I met my fellow-laborer on the sidewalk, near my boarding place, weeping. He said, "Brother Loughborough, I am not going to that meeting today." "Not going to the meeting?" I asked in astonishment. "Why, that meeting relates to your case!" "I know," he said, "but I am all wrong. You are 192

ight in the position you have taken in reference to me. Here is a letter of confession I have written to the church. It is better that you read it to them, and better for those who might sympathize with me if I were not there." "But what has happened to make such a great change since yesterday?" I inquired. He explained, "I went to the post office last night after the Sabbath, and received a letter from Sister White," he said handing me the letter. "Tell the church I accept it as a testimony from God, and that I repent." The letter read, "I was shown, Brother Cornell, that you should be very circumspect in your deportment and in your words; you are watched by enemies. You have great weakness for a man that is as strong to move the crowd as you are. Separated from your wife as you are, suspicion and jealousy will frame falsehood if you give no occasion; but if you are careless, you will bring a reproach upon the cause of God which would not 193

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