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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

e entirely met.

e entirely met. Knowing as I did the financial condition of these members, to build a church 35 x 80, where a lot alone cost $6,000, looked indeed like a "leap in the dark." But we found a lot on Laguna Street for $4,000. Then one sister promised $1,000 if she could sell her place, and within two weeks she sold it for $1,000 above the price she had valued it. A brother who could not see how a church could be built said, "If the Lord says it must be done, He will open the way. Soon he received $20,000 from an estate settlement and gave $1,000. The church was erected for $14,000, including the price of the lot, over half of which was paid for before it was finished. Then the school district rented the lower rooms at $75 a month for the next two years." At the Yountville camp-meeting in 1877, the songs of the birds at dawn in our beautiful grove led many of the people to report their awakening thoughts at the early morning meetings. This was the first camp-meeting in which we used an organ in our song service. J. Edson White secured the 214

free use of a good organ from a San Francisco dealer by permitting the dealer to hang a printed card with his name and address in view of the audience. Since there were a few persons who objected to the use of instrumental music in public worship, I read the 150th Psalm in the first early meeting. "Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet; praise Him with the Psaltery and harp; praise Him with the timbrel and pipe; praise Him with stringed instruments and ..." as I came to the next word, I slowly spelled out "O-R-G-A-N-S," then remarked, "Why that is just the word that is on the back of that box, and in our very next meeting today we are going to have the organ out and praise the Lord with it, just as He has told us to do." As the meeting closed, our good Scotch Sister Rowland remarked, "I am like the Scotchman who said he believed in praising the Lord with all his might." However, we began that day to use the organ, which made a decided improvement in the song service. In the next morning meeting, I related my thoughts on Sister Rowland's "praising the 215

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