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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

Lord with all his

Lord with all his might." I said, "It takes just an organ to do that. The mind must be on the music; the eyes must be on the notes; the feet must work the pedals; the fingers must touch the keys; and the voice must sing the song of praise; so you have a person praising the Lord with all his might." As the meeting closed, Sister Rowland said with a smile, "Well, I will come up with you yet." In the next early meeting, she was the first one to speak. "Brethren and sisters, what do you suppose were my first thoughts when I awoke this morning? It was the scripture 'Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.' My next thought was, 'Why then don't you praise the Lord with things that you can make breathe?' " We had no opposition to instrumental music after this. The camp-meeting was a decided success, and we witnessed an impressive baptism. Among the candidates were some who had come long distances of 300 miles from the north, and others the same distance from the south. The 216

State Sabbath School Association was organized with J. E. White as president. It was about this time that we first began to use a blackboard to illustrate subjects for Sabbath schools, and Mary White, the wife of W. C. White, handled the matter with zeal and efficiency. In the North Pacific, Elders I. D. VanHorn and A. T. Jones spent the summer in tent meetings in East Portland. Soon after our California campmeetings, the General Conference requested Elder VanHorn and me to spend a few weeks organizing the work in that field. Since there was no railroad from California to Oregon, I made the trip to Portland by steamer then, in company with VanHorn, on to Walla Walla. The trip was a real contrast to present-day travel. We left Portland by boat at 5 a.m. Monday, and sailed to the Cascades. Then all the freight was carried on men's shoulders to a train that went three miles on the north side of the river around the Cascades to the 217

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