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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

and there also came

and there also came before me a little glimpse into the future. As I arose from prayer I said to Elder White, "It is all clear about your duty to go East, but the impression came to me as though an audible voice, "Sell your place in Santa Rosa, but do not buy elsewhere. Your labors will be here and there, so you must not be fastened to one place." I immediately put my house up for sale, and in two weeks time received a draft for the sum I desired. From that time on, Elder White mentioned occasionally that the work should be opened in England, and hinted at my going. In the spring of 1878, he again went to Battle Creek, and from there wrote me to leave California and come to the General Conference to be held there in October, and they would vote that I go to England. I replied with eight reasons why I did not think it advisable to make such a move just then. The most important were these: first, so many enterprises had been begun in the work here that ought to be completed; and second, if I were to go to that field, I ought to 224

have at least a year to study English customs, so as to enter the field understandingly. Two sentences of White's brief reply swept away my eight reasons for not going that year. He said, "If you stay a year longer to complete what you say is 'begun,' you will find more 'begun' that needs to be finished than you see now. As for the study of English customs and adapting yourself to the work in England, the best place to study those things is right there on the ground where you see the customs for yourself." Still it was not clear in my mind. Having spent ten years in California and witnessed the rise of the work from the first, it was not easy to let go. After I returned from the Oregon camp-meeting in July, 1878, I spent two busy days at Oakland shipping the tent and fixtures to Reno, Nevada, where I had agreed to hold a tent effort. On the 17th, I took the train for Reno. I showed my ticket to the conductor, then lay down for much needed rest, and with a prayer for light about going to England. After an hour, I was awakened as if 225

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