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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

Notes: 1. Review and

Notes: 1. Review and Herald, 3-10-1891, p. 147; 7-30- 1914 2. Youth Instructor, Jan. 1864, Pacific Union Recorder, 6-11 & 18, 1908 3. Youth Instructor, Feb. 1864 4. Youth Instructor, July, Aug. 1864; Pacific Union Recorder, 12-10-1908 5. Review and Herald, 1-29-1864; Pacific Union Recorder, 12-24-1908 30

Chapter 3 Teen-Age Preacher The neighbor for whom I was working gave me a vest and a pair of trousers, partly worn; but as he was a man much taller than I, these garments, after cutting seven inches off the trousers, were far from being a nice fit. As a substitute for a dress coat, my brother had given me a double-breasted overcoat, the skirt of which had been cut off. With this curious outfit and the $1.00, I decided to go into some area where I was unknown and try to preach. If I failed, my friends would not know it; if I succeeded, I would take that as evidence it was my duty to preach. One day Caleb Broughton came to me and asked what I thought of doing that winter. I had longed for some way to open to let my feelings be known, but I did not dare say anything for fear I was mistaken. I replied, "I have thought the Lord wanted me to preach, but perhaps I'm mistaken." 31

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