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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

mean the 25th chapter of

mean the 25th chapter of Matthew. Half of your text is there. It says of the wicked that they will go into everlasting punishment." "Oh yes," he agreed. "That's alright, but the text I quoted is in the 25th chapter of Revelation." "Then it is about three chapters outside of the Bible," I said, "for there are only twenty-two chapters in Revelation." "Let me take your Bible and I will show it to you," he said. To the astonishment of all, he began paging through the Old Testament, then inquired, "Where is Revelation?" I answered, "Look near the last cover of the Bible. It is the last book, but there are only twenty-two chapters in that book." He returned my Bible and said, "Well, I would like to talk with you sometime, but I have another engagement I must meet right now," and in confusion he left the room. Those present were greatly astonished. One lady commented, "I thought he was a learned man." I explained, "He has a large library and is learned in those books, but he has failed to study his Bible." The family told me that they were much 36

interested in what I preached the night before, and had met there to talk it over, but the minister came and asked them to send for me, and he would show them the fallacy of my teaching. After a good visit with them, I left with my fear of ministers greatly diminished. After five meetings at Mr. Thompson's schoolhouse, I traveled west to the Twobridge Schoolhouse. Impressed that this would be a good place for meetings, I called at the nearest home. They gave me dinner and showed me where the trustees lived. I saw them and had an appointment given out. The place was filled the first night. Afterwards, a Mr. Beardsley invited me to make my home with him. With moonlight nights and fine sleighing, I had a packed house every evening. After my ninth lecture, Mr. Beardsley had a charge brought against him of harboring a heretic in his house. He made his defense publicly in one of my meetings, and endorsed what I preached as the truth. This broke the ice and others took their stand. Since the eleven 37

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