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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough


"I'm going to get out of this room and go into the other room." I began to meditate upon the great contrast between the two rooms, and awoke deeply impressed that I would soon see great light on the sanctuary and the two-horned beast. A few days later, Brother Orton of Rochester said to me, "The Seventh-day folks are holding meetings at 124 Mt. Hope Ave. Let us go and attend one of their meetings." I replied, "No! I will not go." "But," he argued, "you have a duty there. Some of your flock have joined the Sabbath Adventists, and you ought to get them out of this heresy. They give you a chance to speak in their meeting. Get your texts ready, and you can show them in two minutes that the Sabbath is abolished." So with seven other First-day Adventists, I went to the meeting. --"Yes" said the minister, "but my text is in the twenty-fifth chapter of Revelation." 44

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