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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

the more we were

the more we were impressed to do so. On arriving at C. S. Glover's about noon on the 22nd, Elder White explained to him what we thought of doing. He asked what the tent would cost. When he was told that $200 would deliver it to Jackson, he handed Elder White $35 saying, "This is what I think of it." By late afternoon we reached Jackson and saw Brethren Smith, Palmer, and J.P. Kellogg. Each of these expressed his opinion in the same manner as had Brother Glover, with the exception of Brother Kellogg who promised to lend us all that was lacking to purchase it. Near sunset of that day, Elders White, Cornell and I retired to a grove and laid the matter before the Lord in earnest prayer. At noon of May 23, Elder Cornell started for Rochester to purchase of E. C. Williams the first meeting tent ever used by Seventh-day Adventists. In the evening of the same day, Elder White and his wife were to take the train for Wisconsin. After seeing Elder Cornell off on 88

his train, we spent the afternoon at D. R. Palmer's near the railroad station. As it neared the time to take the train, Elder White began to pace the floor in a solemn mood. "I feel strangely about this trip," he remarked. "If we had not made an appointment, I would not take the train." He asked that we have a season of prayer for their safety. When we arose from prayer, Elder White said, "We will go trusting in the Lord." At 9 p.m. I went onto the train with them to assist with their hand luggage. We went into a car with high-back seats, called in those days a "sleeping car." Mrs. White hesitated, "James, I cannot stay in this car." But these were the seats she usually preferred. I then assisted in getting them into the last car on the train." As Sister White took her seat she remarked, "I do not feel right on this train." She did not even put up her handbag in the rack for such parcels. The car bell rang, and I bade them goodbye and went to spend the night at Smith's in West Jackson. About ten o'clock we were all much surprised 89

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