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Miracles in My Life - J. N. Loughborough

Among those

Among those in our audience on this last day of our meeting was R. J. Lawerence, an earnest Baptist minister. As he rode home on his horse, his neighbors who had been attending asked him what he thought of the day's talk. Putting his hand to his head, he replied, "O, my head is so full I shall have to take three days to think it out." As a result of his thinking he became a Seventh-day Adventist minister, and spent the rest of his life in this cause. In our first season's effort with the tent we had meetings in eleven places. We called this "running the tent." It might have indeed been considered running from place to place were it not that though each effort was comparatively short, a full condensed line of truth was given to the people, and some souls accepted. We were hurrying on with the idea of awakening an interest in many places to be followed up afterwards. Our winter labors of 1854-55 were in the state of New York. When our people there learned of the tent effort success in Michigan, they purchased a 96

tent and wagon for New York. They also bought and presented to me the horse and carriage formerly used in the travels of Elder and Mrs. White. A sixty-foot tent was purchased on the last of May, 1855, and erected in the dooryard of Harvey Cottrell of Mill Grove. Here, with R. F. Cottrell for tent-master, our summer efforts began. On July 4, while Brother Cottrell and I were traveling with the tent from Mannsville to West Winfield, we had to cross Salmon Creek. Since the bridge had been carried away by a spring freshet, the stream had to be forded. A heavy rain the night before had swollen the waters more than we realized. It was a rapid stream with rocky bottom and did not look deep. Our fording place was between a foot-bridge and a mill-pond. As we came up to it we saw no fresh tracks, so we asked a family living nearby if any teams had passed through. "Oh, yes," a woman replied. Brother Cottrell walked over the foot-bridge, but as I drove into the water it came up to the wagon bed and over the horse's back. (We were 97

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