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ROOM SEGREGATION AND PROCEDURES 1. FLOWER TRACKING All flowers will be tracked from mother room to shipping by department codes which composes the flower SKU number. Seed X Mother ### Clone ### # Plant X Trim #### Bag X Complete Flower SKU number =X##### ##X####x 2. MOTHER ROOM (Approximately 2 Weeks) Seeds of strains that the cultivation site is cultivating will be germinated in the Mother Room, all male plants will removed during the sexing process and female plants will be grown to full plant for cloning purposes. Cuts from the Mother Plants will be placed in rockwool cubes and be transferred to vegetation room for rooting. 6

3. VEGETATION ROOM (Approximately 4 Weeks) Clones in rockwool cubes will be kept in the vegetation room until it is rooted and can be transferred to Flower Room. 4. FLOWER ROOM (Approximately 10-12 Weeks) Rooted clones are transferred to the flower room to be grown to mature plant and cut. Once the plant is mature for cutting, the plants will be cut and dried in the flower room. Once the flowers complete the full drying period, it will be transferred to the trim room. 5. TRIM ROOM Once the flowers are transferred to the trim room, trim contractors will be scheduled to come in and trim the flowers for bagging. Once flowers are trimmed, it will be bagged into 1 pound bags and labelled with the complete SKU number. 6. TESTING After each harvest, a sample of the flower will be pulled from the trim room and sent to a tasting facility to determine purity. The lab report will be kept as a record and the flowers will be sold and distributed. 7. SHIPPING The facility’s accounting office will issue a purchase order and packing list to the trim/storage room to pull the order and segregate for shipping. Bags will be labeled with the order number and staged for outbound. Once the buyer makes payment, the order is released to the buyer and transferred to the shipping docks. Driver that is picking up the shipments will be required to provide ID to copy and sign off the packing list of what was received. The facility will then keep records of the driver’s license and sign off receipt with the purchase order to complete the shipping file. 7

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