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TM Sponsored Webinars

TM Sponsored Webinars Live Webinars Pharmaceutical Outsourcing’s live webinars help position your company and its experts as thought leaders in the industry. Webinars are a cost-effective vehicle to get your company in front of a large audience without the travel costs. Our fully customizable webinars may be used for customer training, educating potential buyers on your new products, hosting online classrooms or other educational events. We can help you reach your target audience and generate highly qualified sales leads. Features: • Streaming 60-75 minute audio broadcast live and/or on-demand over the Internet • PowerPoint slide synchronization • Browser based Q&A capabilities, advanced polling and survey functions • Complete registration management • .mp4 file of the webinar that the sponsor may use will be provided • Complete registration list, distinguishing attendees from registrants • On-demand archive creation and hosting of broadcast with links to for 6 months. • Complete promotion of live webinar through 4 email blasts, eNewsletter placements, social media, inclusion in calendar of events and placement on our homepage. • Assistance in recruiting authors and key thought leaders to participate. Benefits: Presentation Video Pharmaceutical Outsourcing can also record your company’s live presentations at trade shows, conferences and seminars and synchronize them with PowerPoint slides. Brand Awareness Thought Leadership Video Rate Social Media Contact Lead Live Webinar $16,000 Presentation Video $7,500 Demand Generation Media Kit 12

TM Interactive Content Hub (ICH) What is ICH? • ICH is an interactive content hub dedicated to a specific research topic or area of interest • By aggregating relevant content into an informational portal, ICH helps scientists keep up with the latest technological advances and the newest discoveries Why ICH? • Sponsoring ICH is a great way to position your company as the thought leader in that particular area of research • ICH also provides you with the opportunity to highlight your related products or product lines and places them in front of a highly relevant audience Features Benefits: Brand Awareness Demand Generation Contact Lead Thought Leadership Traffic Driver • Content is inclusive of editorial articles, videos, application notes, vendor sponsored pieces and more • Package is inclusive of promotion through eNewsletter sponsorships, social media, display ads and email blasts to announce both the launch of ICH and subsequent content updates Reporting • Comprehensive reporting of monthly views, visits, unique visitors & registrants included • Open/impression and click metrics from promotional efforts are also included Interacive Content Hub ICH Rate Custom Quote Media Kit 13

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