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2018 Adopted Annual Operating & Capital Improvement Budget


PARKS, TRAILS & RECREATION Statement of Purpose The Department of Parks, Trails and Recreation assures the provision of personal enjoyment and personal development through high quality parks, trails, open spaces, recreation and arts programs and community events for Greenwood Village. Description The Department consists of the Administration Program, the Recreation Program, the Cultural Arts Program, the Parks, Trails and Open Spaces Program, and the Parks and Trails Maintenance Program. The Administration Program assures the provision of high quality recreation and arts programs, cultural art activities, community events and parks, trails and open space experiences through the development and achievement of annual department outcomes. The Recreation Program provides recreational opportunities through the following services: preschool, youth, teen, adult and senior recreation programming; community special events; the Recreation Reimbursement program; park pavilion/shelter permitting; and assignment of athletic playing fields to local youth sports agencies. The Cultural Arts Program provides programming and operation of the Curtis Center for the Arts. Cultural arts activities offered throughout the year include: adult and youth art programming; art exhibits and receptions; lectures; and performing/community art events. Additionally, the Cultural Arts Program supports the Greenwood Village Arts and Humanities Council with fundraising events and programs for the benefit of public art and community art education. The Parks, Trails and Open Space Program is responsible for the overall quality of parks, open spaces and trail facilities. Through collaborative planning and coordination of land acquisition and capital improvement projects, staff ensures that projects are well coordinated, include public input from residents and appropriate stakeholders, and are designed and constructed to meet Village standards. Additionally, the Parks, Trails and Open Space Program supports the Parks, Trails and Recreation Commission’s efforts to make sound recommendations to City Council on parks, trails and open space issues. Parks and Trails Maintenance Services is responsible for maintaining aesthetic, clean, safe and useable recreational areas which include 279 acres of developed parks, 186 acres of open space, 53 acres of streetscape and medians, over 1 acre of floral beds, and 47 miles of trails. In addition, the Department is responsible for managing all of the Village capital projects related to parks, trails and open spaces within the Capital Improvement Program. The total recreation CIP budget for 2018 is approximately $800,000. Managing capital projects entails determining project feasibility, developing project scope, facilitating public involvement, allocation of funding, preparing project proposals, managing the bid process, project scheduling, real-property acquisition, site preparation, design and construction management, and assuring the completed projects meet intended outcomes. 105