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2018 Adopted Annual Operating & Capital Improvement Budget

ROADS Variance

ROADS Variance Justification Personnel (+$146,077): The categories that are directly controlled at the department level are overtime and communication allowance. Overtime Wages (-$3,540): Overtime amount is based on estimated overtime required for 2018 project workload, Long Road and Holly Street CIP’s in 2017 required more overtime. Communication Allowance (+$240): Changes in this line item are based on updated costs for cell phones and whether the employee chooses a City-issued device or a stipend. Purchased Services (-$23,524): Professional Services (-$25,000): The reduction is based on removing the Yosemite Bridge Rail Study which was a one-time expense. Telecommunication Services (+$1,176): Increase is due to allocation of costs to program area from Administration, including data plan for crew tablet for work order system. Dues/Membership (+$300): The increase is to become member with American Concrete Institute, which will result in discounted rates for webinars and literature. 170

FLEET MANAGEMENT Statement of Purpose The Fleet Management Program assures the availability of safe, reliable, and appropriate vehicles and equipment in a manner that contributes to successful Village outcomes. Description Fleet Management is responsible for maintaining 254 vehicles and equipment for all Village departments. Accomplishments In 2017, Fleet Management continued to provide a preventative maintenance and safety inspection program on all vehicles and equipment. Fleet Management developed a new replacement plan utilizing “best management” practices. The new plan evaluates vehicles and equipment using several criteria, which include use, condition, maintenance costs, downtime, age, and utilization. Fleet Management replaced one Police Admin vehicle, replaced one crime scene Police utility vehicle, added an additional Detective vehicle, replaced two vehicles in the Environment program, replaced four vehicles in the Developed Parks program, replaced one vehicle in the Streetscapes program, and replaced three vehicles in the Snow and Ice program. Staff evaluated the replacement of the backhoe loader and based on needs, this was changed to a compact mini excavator. This will reduce the rental expenditures in 2018 in Environmental Services. Also, Fleet replaced one vehicle in the Roads program, and replaced the large item pick up grapple truck. In 2017, Fleet and Shared Technologies staff completed the evaluation of a new Fleet Management Software system which is included in the Shared Technologies Services 2018 budget. Fleet Services replaced twenty portable radios in Public Works based on recommendations from the Police Department and Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office and added two new mobile radios to the Patch Box truck and Tanker truck. During the year, two patrol vehicles were damaged beyond repair and replaced. Goals/Objectives In 2018, Fleet Management plans to complete the following: Implement new Fleet Management software and associated data conversion. Continue to provide preventative maintenance and safety inspections on all vehicles and equipment. Continue to refine and collaborate with other departments on vehicle replacement criteria. Specifically to incorporate a reliability factor. As part of the 2018 replacement plan: o Installation of a 400 gallon diesel exhaust fluid dispenser to the fuel island. o Replace nine vehicles in the Parks, Trails and Recreation program. o Replace one vehicle in the Community Development program. o Replace one vehicle in the Fleet program. o Replace two vehicles in the Environmental program. o Replace two vehicles in the Snow and Ice program. o Replace one vehicle in the Traffic program. o Replace seven units in the Police Department. o Replace 27 mobile radios in Public Works vehicles. Outcome Measures 2015 Actual 2016 Actual 2017 Estimate 2018 Target Number of accidents attributable to maintenance. 0 0 0 0 Percent of time vehicles available for use as measured by Fleet Management system. 97 97 96 >96% Percent of respondents rating Fleet Management as Good or Excellent as measured by Department Survey. 97 96 99 >98% 171