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N 5Th St N 7Th St N 8Th

N 5Th St N 7Th St N 8Th St N 9Th St N 11Th St N 13Th St N 15Th St N 38Th St N 37Th St N 36Th St N 32Nd St N 28Th St N 24Th St S 24Th St N 23Rd St N 21St St N 20Th St N 19Th St N 10Th St ild Clark Ave Fairmount Ave City of Council Bluffs Pottawattamie County, Iowa See Page 17 T15N R13W " Service Layer Credits: Esri, HERE, DeLorme, MapmyIndia, © OpenStreetMap contributors, and the GIS user community Marina Ct N 6Th St C a r Oa k Ln Ash Key Cir Redick Blvd St æ Steele Ave Ave J Ave P æ æ Ave H W Broadway æ ñ t e Ave Q Redick Blvd N 11Th St å E Locust St St r Willow Dr Abbott Dr N 41St St Ave G Dr Shoal Ave D Ave C Ave B Ave N Ave K Freedom Park Rd Benson St æ L æ N 17Th St 2Nd Ave Harra hs Blvd a k e Lagoon Dr ? Missouri River Nebraska Blackbird Marsh Ẅ§ 29 Ẅ§ 29 Ẅ§ 29 23Rd Ave å æ æ æ Ẅ§ 29 å æ æ † Ave H å å æ æ Ave G å å æ æ æå æ æ æ æ å æ å æ æ æ æ æ æ æ æ åæ æ æ å å æ å æ æ æ å æ æ æ æ ñ 5Th Ave å æ æ æ æ ñ æ 9Th Ave æ æ æ æ å æ æ æ æ å æ æ å æ æ æ ST 192 æ æ æ Ẅ§ 29 Ẅ§ 80 Ẅ§ 29 Ẅ§ 80 Service Rd Ave G Ave G River Rd S 36Th St 2Nd Ave 4Th Ave S 35Th St Nebraska Ave 3Rd Ave 6Th Ave S 35Th St N 34Th St S 34Th St Ave G 1St Ave 2Nd Ave S 33Rd St 9Th Ave 10Th Ave 11Th Ave 12Th Ave 16Th Ave 23Rd Ave S 32Nd St Ave K Ave J Ave I Ave H N 31St St N 30Th St 23Rd Ave Ave G W Broadway St Ave G 2Nd Ave 2Nd Ave 2Nd Ave S 31St St Ave M S 30Th St N 29Th St S 29Th St Pine St 13Th Ave Nebraska Ave 24Th B ass Ave L Ave Pro S 29Th St Ash St Dr S 28Th St Ave L Ave J Ave I N 27Th St S 27Th St 9Th Ave Ave G Mid-America Dr T76N R44W Ave N N 26Th St Ave E Ave D Ave C Ave A S 26Th St 8Th Ave Ave Q Ave M Ave L Ave F Ave B S 25Th St 14Th Ave 23Rd Ave N 24 Th St S 24Th St N 23Rd St S 23Rd St N 22Nd St S 22Nd St 7Th Ave Westside N Ave Ave M N 21St St S 21St St 9Th Ave S 21St St GH L19 GH L19 W Nash Blvd Ave S 20Th St S 19Th St S 18Th St Dr Ave P L Ave O Ave N Ave M Ave I Ave H S 17Th St S 17Th St 16Th Ave S 18Th St 30Th Ave Hopi Dr N 17Th St Ave G S 16Th St S 16Th St 5Th Ave S 16Th St S 16Th Joslin Ave Ave K Ave J St Indian Creek Big Lake Bi g Lake Rd N 14Th St Ave I Ave I Ave H S 24Th St 27Th Ave Mark et place N 22Nd St St N 25Th Riverroad N 26Th Ave N 15Th St N 14Th St N 13Th St S 15Th St S 15Th St 15Th Ave Rd Pueblo N 15Th St S 13Th St N 8Th St 2Nd Ave 16Th Ave 16Th Ave 17Th Ave N 12Th St N 9Th St N 8Th St Little Broadway S 12Th St 3Rd Ave S 10Th St S 9Th St 9Th Ave 10Th Ave 15Th Ave Delong Ave 5Th Ave 6Th Ave 17Th Ave 18Th Ave 19Th Ave 20Th Ave 21St Ave S 13Th St S 12Th St S 11Th St S 10Th St 26Th Ave 27Th Ave 28Th Ave S 9Th St S 8Th St 29Th Ave S 11Th St Ave F Ave E Park 1St Ave Mill St 12Th Ave 24Th Ave S 9Th St Willow AveS 7Th St S Dr w Milita r y Ave S 6Th St S 6Th St 7Th Millard æ Oakland Ave Scott N 2Nd S t Kanesville Blvd S Main St 9Th Ave 16Th Ave St St Deer Morgan St St Selden St Bluff St S 3Rd St S 3Rd St Grand Ave Warren St 18Th Ave Trl å Fleming Ave Mcgee Ave S 4Th St Dial Dr Hyde Ave Harrison St Park Ave 10Th Ave Park Rd 12Th Ave N Sierra Dr Elliott St Fuller N 1St St Glen Ave High St Benton St Ave W Gr 32Nd Ave SylvanDr Harmony St Grace St E Broadway St Test St Loga n St S 1St St aham Ivy Dr Harry Langdon Blvd South Ave Ave 29Th Ave T75N R43W T74N R44W Page 34

Thallas Lockwood Pl Greenwood St dale Oaks Aster Cir City of Council Bluffs Pottawattamie County, Iowa See Page 18 T75N R44W Indian Creek Ẅ§ 80 † GH L20 GH † GH L29 G8L † æ å æ GH G6L å GH æ Ẅ§ G8L 80 Ivy Dr æ † † å † å å † † † † † å æ Ẅ§ 80 æ æ † æ æ æ GH G60 † å åæ GH G60 æ æ æ å æ † æ å Ẅ§ 80 æ Greenview Rd æ æ æ 29Th Ave æ OP Ẅ§ 92 80 OP 92 Ẅ§ 29 æ å å H armony St S 1St St Metro Lincoln Ave Madison Ave Harry Langdon Blvd Dr Old Lincoln Hwy Elliott St Hunter Ave Loga n St Stutsman St Park Ave Grace St Sylva n Dr E Ka nesville Blvd Union St E Graham Ave Sky l South A ve W Graham Dr i ne Frank St Franklin Ave Charles St Fairoaks Ave Gunn E Orchard Ave Euclid Mudhollow Rd Spence r Ave Ave Elmwood Kay Ct Fore st St r D North Av e Lori Ln Opal Dr Linden Ave v e A Gould Ave C E D r CemeteryRd Canning St hurch St Woodbu Dillman Dr Susan Ln Ave r y Sim ms Ave Bonham Ave Fran klin 29Th Ave Mckenzie Ave H Gleason Ave Ave Pi ckardy Dr Ln Mcpherson Ave Bennett Ave Madison Ave Rue S t s ill Mall Dr Harry Langdon Blvd å E Kanesville BlvdE Kanesville Blvd Rd Swan Valley View Dr Valley View Dr Wen Birdsley Rd Sherw Franklin Ave ood Indian H Arnold woo d Cir ill s Ave Dr Rd Upland Dr Shevi Dr Crystal Ln Longview Greenview Rd Railroad Ave Loop College Valley View Dr Concord Loop Rd Valley View Dr T76N R43W æ Perry Rd Franklin Ave I owa Mar We stern Blvd Antioch Dr inda Dr E Kanesville Blvd State Orchard Rd å T74N R43W Jen nings Av e Follett Char Rd lesPark Dr Norwood Dr Hubbard Rd Go Washboard lden Rd D r Yellow Pole Rd State Berwick Dr Tipton Orchard Dr Railroad Hwy Rd Greenview Rd Eastern Mcpherson Hunt Ave Dr Hill s Hampton Ln Embassy Ln Ave M o sq u ito C ree k Hunt Ave 225ThSt Little Mosquito Creek Cedar Ln Ballard Cir Abercorn Dr Eastern Hills Dr ? 220Th St GH L43 £¤ 6 Mcpherson Ave Hunt Ave æ Greenview Rd " OP 92 GH G6L Cottonwood Rd T75N R42W Page 35

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