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300Th St Laurie 2Nd St

300Th St Laurie 2Nd St 4Th St 340Th St 335Th St 5Th St Remington Ave 1St St 3Rd St Elm Ave Meadow Ln L C Ln 1St St City of Minden & Neola Pottawattamie County, Iowa † Neola Minden See Page 5 See Page 6 † Cir Rosa Dr Bardsley Ave GH G8L 24 æ GH G8L GH L55 æ ñ GH G20 GH G8L GH L55 25 Ẅ§ 80 " " † Railroad Hwy 290Th St Garfield Ave æ GH G18 GH L66 GH L66 Mendel Ave 2Nd St High St Avon St E Front St Pearl St Mulberry Cir 5Th St 3Rd St 15 4Th St Avon St S Depot St 4Th St 2Nd Pea rl St St Brady St 3Rd St Park St 6Th St 2Nd St Front St Shortstop Ave Broadway St æ ñ Circle Dr Broadway St Perry St Main St Lincoln St 340Th St GH L66 GH G18 Dr Hillside 298Th St PecanLn Sycamore Rd Page 40

408Th St Main St Kearney St Valley View Dr Mulberry St Center St High St Cross Ln Park Ln N Parker Rd City of Oakland Pottawattamie County, Iowa See Page 21 " 35 36 £¤ 59 31 Idlewood Rd † 2 1 6 Hurricane Ln £¤ 59 11 14 HoneysuckleRd GH G42 W e s t N i s h n a b o t n a R i v e £¤ 6 æ æ 12 æ ñ æ å Pioneer Ave 13 £¤ 59 r Schueman SChautauquaAve DrVan Zee Rd Glass St Ct Walnut St Hackett Dr Harrison St Schueman Cul De Sac Frank Kearney Rd Private OaklandAve Freeman St Elm St Chautauqua Ave Pullen Ave Private Gates St N Main St Park St AddisonAve Dr Thompson Ave Kearney St Elm St Brown St Hill St Glass St Willow St Vine St Grove St Bluff St Oak St Kelsay Ave Dane Town Hill Rd Walnut St Palmer Ave Clark Rd ScenicCir Oakland Ave N Scenic Dr S Scenic Dr E Ridge Ct 420Th St 7 18 Page 41

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