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VT MPM Catalog Rev3

Controllers to match

Controllers to match requirements VERTICAL AXIS Y-AXIS (2) TRAVEL MPM2 AXIS DESIGNATION VERTICAL AXIS Y-AXIS (2) TRAVEL MPM4 AXIS DESIGNATION VERTICAL AXIS Y-AXIS (2) TRAVEL MPM5 AXIS DESIGNATION TORCH PIPE DIAMETER PIPE CENTERLINE TURNING ROLLS C-AXIS (3) TORCH BEVEL ANGLE TURNING ROLLS X-AXIS (1) PIPE ROTATION Z-AXIS (4) TORCH TO PIPE DISTANCE TURNING ROLLS X-AXIS (1) PIPE ROTATION A-AXIS (5) TORCH BEVEL ROTATION C-AXIS (3) TORCH BEVEL ANGLE Z-AXIS (4) TORCH TO PIPE DISTANCE X-AXIS (1) PIPE ROTATION MPM-2 • The Vernon Tool model MPM-2, with 2-axis control, employs a simple control method to coordinate pipe rotation with longitudinal torch movement. The torch remains at a fixed bevel angle during cutting, so the included weld preparation angle between members varies throughout the connection. • Profile cutting is performed on the front end of the machine bed. Height adjustment is controlled from the operator’s console. MPM-4 • The 4-axis control, Model MPM-4, incorporates four axes of motion to orient the torch to the proper weld preparation angle and to maintain the proper distance between the torch tip and pipe. This produces a constant included weld prep angle between the adjoining pieces. The computer control compensates length measurement regardless of weld prep angle. • Automatic out-of-round compensation is accomplished by analog proximity sensors on an independent closed-loop servo circuit. The cutting carriage and operator’s console travel the full length of the machine. MPM-5 • The 5-axis control, Model MPM-5, adds an axis of motion to rotate the torch bevel angle so that it remains normal to the contour cut path. To produce a constant weld prep angle, the machine can burn any desired bevel angle at any location on the pipe. • The principal benefits of this assembly are slightly faster cutting speeds and very accurate weld preparation angles common in offshore construction and pressure vessel fabrication. • Automatic out-of-round compensation uses analog proximity sensors on an independent closed-loop servo circuit. Legend A All bevel cuts have full weld prep C Cuts usually require some manual weld prep Cutting matrix B Bevels may not need manual prep; depends on weld spec N Not supported as a cut type Cut Type MPM-5 MPM-4 MPM-2 MTC MPP MINI SC VAS Straight A A A A A A A A A A A A A A N N Miter Vernon Tool Products Page 16 of 32

Cutting matrix (continued) Cut Type MPM-5 MPM-4 MPM-2 MTC MPP MPMP A B C B C C Tee A B C B C C Saddle (Std or AWS ID/OD) A B C B C C Multi-saddle A B C B C C Multi-saddle-miter A B C B C C Double miter A B C B C C Elbow support Circular/saw cut/rect. A B C B C C A B C B C C Pipe to cone A B C B C C Overlap (boat bumper) Reinforcing pad A B C B C C Gusset slots A B C B C C Vernon Tool Products Page 17 of 32

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