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ECA Review Newspaper - 2017-11-08

ECA Review Newspaper -

R R 72 pt East Central R Alberta EVIEW 60 pt R 48 pt R 36 pt Your favourite source for news and entertainment in East R 30 pt Central Alberta, reaching 90 communities weekly Targeting East Central Alberta Thursday, November 9, 2017 Volume 106 No. 45 R R 24 pt 18 pt Union Duke, a Toronto folk quintet performed at the Coronation Community Centre on Fri. Nov. 2 as part of the Coronation Royal Performing Arts 5-concert winter series. Union Duke’s explosive live show included soulful indie rock with bluegrass and country with a heartbreak of twang and a bootshake of rock and roll, as described on their website. ECA Review/J.Webster INDEX Murder trial .................... 2,9 Big Valley council .............. 3 Paintearth council ............. 3 On the Other Side ............. 4 PrairieView ........................ 4 Mailbag ............................. 5 Agriculture ............... 12 - 15 RCMP .............................. 13 Classifieds/Careers .....16,17 Crossword puzzle ............ 17 Morrin news .................... 20 Remembering Our Heroes Pages 6 - 7 M.D. OF ACADIA M.D. of Acadia unhappy with ATCO response to wildfire M.D. of Acadia councillors directed their Chief Administrative Officer, Brent Williams to respond to an ATCO letter written Nov. 3 that they considered “had such a tone of finality and absolution to be disheartening and disappointing”. In the Atco Electric letter dated November 3, the ATCO investigator confirmed an ATCO transmission line was the origin of the fire. In response to ATCO Electric in their letter, Williams related the devastation. “The wildfire events of Oct. 17 caused widespread destruction to around 13,000 acres of farmland. “During the course of this fire, one gentleman lost his home and his yard and virtually everything he owns. Another lost over half of this home farmyard, most of his grain, half of his equipment, and a shop. “One ranching operation lost over 180 head of cattle, basically two thirds of the entire herd. “Yet another rancher lost five cattle and is treating around 130 more for sickness and is unsure of their market value or their chance of survival through the winter. “Another two producers lost practically all of their winter feed. The Meridian Brethren Hutterites lost 12 farm structures, 55,000 bushels of grain, Salute to Education Pages 10 - 11 three combine headers and dozens of tools and equipment pieces across two destroyed farmyards. “Another local family-farm lost a horse, 20 miles of fence, grain bins, vehicles, trailers, and other equipment essential to their agriculture operation. “All of this is without even mentioning the long-term damage done to thousands of acres of grasslands that producers use to graze cattle; or to the cropland, which has experienced significant top-soil erosion since this wildfire, of which the effects are not yet known. The letter to ATCO went on the say, FLYERS Michaels Coronation AG Foods Sobeys IGA Food Fair, Castor Lowes Home Hardware, Clive Rona Peavey Mart Cub Cadet “The people affected by this event are members of our community. We have been picking up the pieces together since Oct. 17 and will continue to do so. “Perhaps the most difficult part of this situation is that these people lost so much through no fault or action of their own. “ATCO has been in this community for many years; your distribution staff worked tirelessly the evening of the 17th and in the following days to restore power and service to our community; and your infrastructure continues cross large swaths of our landscape. Turn to Not just, Pg 3 15 % off STOREWIDE Sunday, November 15 th Hanna, AB • 403-854-3711 Free delivery service available within town limits Store Hrs: Mon. - Sat. 8 am - 9 pm; Sun. 10 am - 7 pm Pharmacy Hrs: Mon. - Fri. 9 am - 6 pm; Sat. On Call 9 am - 3 pm 11-09-2017Mich1.125x10.75.indd 1 11/1/17 10:34:33 AM Toll Free: 1-877-811-8855 13090 Barlow Trail NE l Free: 1-877-811-8855 13090 Barlow Trail NE Saturday Nov. 18, 2017 Calgary, Alberta APPROXIMATELY 800 UNITS PUBLIC AUTO & RV AUCTION Toll Free: 1-877-811-8855 7-811-8855 13090 Barlow Trail NE UNRESERVED INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT AUCTION Thursday Nov. 30, 2017 Calgary, Alberta STETTLER 403-742-3740 1-800-371-3055 OLDS 403-556-6711 1-800-470-2388 CORONATION 403-578-3747 1-888-578-0800 0 % Financing for 60 Months OAC & 3 Year Powertrain Warranty Now until November 30th

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