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The Pioneer Volume 51, Issue 2

The Pioneer, Pierce College Steilacoom's student publication.

12 / FEATURES Oct. 25,

12 / FEATURES Oct. 25, 2017 / Vol. 51, Issue 2 Fun Halloween haunts to visit Challenge your sense of direction at South Sound corn maze Want a challenging maze, great pumpkin selection and great fall photos, Carpinito Brothers Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze in Kent is the place to check out. It is a beautiful “you pick” patch so most of the pumpkins are still out in the field. They have a wide variety of pumpkins in different price ranges, which is nice for those on a college budget. Tiny pumpkins and squash are sold for $1.50. The larger pumpkins sell for 35 cents a pound. The snacks are a bit more expensive for a student budget. A small lemonade is $4 and pre-popped kettle corn is $6 a bag. The smell of kettle corn permeates throughout the farm. The sasquatch maze is this year’s big attraction at Carpinito Brothers. Upon admission, a paper card with 12 blank spaces and a map is given to help complete the challenge. The maze has 12 posts hidden in it. On the posts are hole punchers for completing the card for each post found. Those able to get through the maze and punch all 12 card spaces are entered in a weekly drawing for a $75 gift card for Red Robin. The maze is about 3 miles long with corn that is well over 6 feet tall. Leave at least an hour to spare to complete the maze. Entering the maze gets confusing quickly and the map is almost useless. This is definitely not a casual maze to stroll through as many people struggle to find their way out at all. Finding the posts is a tricky venture as they are plain brown or white and are not positioned in obvious places. How to know when you are at the end of the maze? A sign that says exit. It is an afternoon of light-hearted fun, a great place for a family adventure or for a group of friends to spend the day. PIONEER STAFF REPORTS FEATURES/13 TACOMA GHOST TOURS The tours feature tales of hauntings, hexes, mummy’s curses, UFOs and much more. There are three different tours ongoing Thursday through Sunday evening. These scenic walking tours are 60-90 minutes in length. Downtown Tacoma Tour 1 A 90-minute tour examines hauntings in downtown from Broadway Street past the Pantages Theatre, the old City Hall and the Spanish Steps. Tour runs Thursday-Sunday and starts at 6 p.m. Downtown Tacoma Tour 2 This 60-minute tour is for ages 21 and older and explores haunted Tacoma from Wingman Brewers to the UW- Tacoma/Museum District. Tour runs Thursday-Saturday and starts at 8:15 p.m. Stadium District Tour A 60-minute tour that delves into the history and mystery surrounding Tacoma’s famed Brown Castle, Stadium High School, and neighboring museums and temples. Tour runs Saturdays and starts at 4 p.m. Purchase tickets or 253-732-3532. Things to see and do at Carpinito Brothers Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze. Debbie Denbrook/Photo Illustration RUTLEDGE CORN MAZE 302 93rd Ave. SE Olympia ✴✴ Haunted Maze ✴✴ Corn Maze ✴✴ Zombie Paintball ✴✴ Pumpkin Patch ✴✴ Cow Train Pierce College Science Dome will offer fun for the whole family in the festive Haunted Night Sky presentation on Oct. 28. Visitors will use their imaginations to find creatures in the night sky, take a tour of the Sea of Serpents on the moon, discover the Witch’s Head Nebula, and other spooky places around the universe. This family-friendly children’s show will take place at 12:30 and 2 p.m., and is designed for visitors ages 12 and under. Admission for children is $6, and adults are free during all children’s shows. “This is such a fun, fall-inspired activity the whole family can enjoy,” said Science Dome Coordinator Hillary Stephens. The Pierce College Science Dome is a 58-seat digital planetarium, and it is the only one of its kind in the South Puget Sound region. The immersive and interactive facility has a 38-foot domeshaped screen that allows visitors to view the night sky from anywhere in the known universe on a cloudy day, be immersed in an alien environment with breathtaking full-dome images, explore the Egyptian pyramids and much more. The Science Dome is located inside the Rainier Building at Pierce College Fort CARPINITO BROTHERS PUMPKIN PATCH AND CORN MAZE 27508 West Valley Hwy N, Kent Open daily through Oct. 31 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. Corn Maze: $10 for adults $7 for kids ages 5-12 Free for ages under 5 Debbie Denbrook/Staff Illustration Discover a Haunted Night Sky at the Pierce College Science Dome BY KATIE BURROWS Reprinted from The Pen The Orion nebula is 1,450 light years from Earth. NASA.GOV Steilacoom, 9401 Farwest Drive SW in Lakewood. More information at

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