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CCLP PROJECT Learner (011117)

15. Strengthen

15. Strengthen Relationships Throughout this project/activity/goal how are you going to make sure of the following: a) The supported person’s rights are promoted and protected? b) The supported person’s choices are promoted? c) The supported person’s privacy is protected? d) The supported person’s independence is promoted. e) The supported person is treated with dignity and self-dignity is also promoted. f) How does this activity or goal result in the supported person feeling that they are in partnership with you? Now is a good time to talk with your Coordinator about the verification that they are going to need to provide for you to complete this learning. They can download the verification document from the Internal Website. It would be good to work together with your Coordinator in getting this verification completed. Please do not wait until the end of this project to request the verification and expect your Coordinator to do it quickly. The verification need to be a joint effort between you and your verifyer. 24 CCLPv2 Practical Project 021117

IMPLEMENTATION & DOCUMENTATION At this point, you need to think about how you and the person you support are going to work together. How will you make sure that your roles are clear? And how will you make sure that the person you support is having a positive experience? 16. Active Involvement a) List five (5) ways that the person you are supporting will be ACTIVELY involved in this project. Note: if your self-advocacy exercise was to do with this project, that can be counted as one of the ways. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Verification: Please copy and paste the relevant bit from any Community Connections Policy that backs up some or all of your responses above. You now need to keep a record of how the project is going. To do this, you are required to keep an ‘Activity Journal’. The Activity Journal will be a collection of your notes that you have made in Webcare as you support the person you are doing this project with. Make sure your notes have lots of detail and information so that your Assessors can see what you have been doing! Important: the notes in your Activity Journal MUST match the notes you have written in Webcare as you do your work. CCLPv2 Practical Project 021117 25

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