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2018 Operational Plan-newstyle

Strategic Initiative 3

Strategic Initiative 3 information & digital literacy 2018 Actions UON Library has always played a lead role in equipping our students with the core capabilities required to support lifelong learning and to be an active participant in work and the community. Digital literacy aims to support our students to make effective use of technology to participate in the digital world, however, it is more about critical thinking than technical competence and builds capability in relation to communication, collaboration, online social literacy and content creation. Equipping our staff and students with these skills will significantly enhance graduate employability and contribute to building our reputation for quality and excellence in discovery of information and a sustainable future. Lead Strategies 2016 - 2020 1. Design and implement research support strategies that support the University’s strategic research priorities 2. Ensure that the Library delivers quality services to support the research lifecycle 3. Support changes in the research publishing environment, with a specific focus on open access ■ ■ Investigate the potential for collaboration with, and support from the University community for the development of an Information & Digital Literacy Framework. Develop links to graduate outcomes to ensure students attain appropriate research skills. 11/8/2017 Library Services 4

Strategic Initiative 4 scholarly resources & digitisation In the context of increasing digital disruption and the University’s Digital 2020 Strategy, we will adapt our approach to acquiring and managing scholarly resources, ensuring sustainable access to relevant and contemporary information for learning, teaching and research. Lead Strategies 2016 - 2020 1. Embrace innovation and technology to support virtual learning environments 2. Develop and provide access to high quality, evidence-based collections that support the University’s teaching, learning & research activities 3. Build capability for high quality digitisation of cultural and heritage materials through supporting work integrated learning in the digital humanities 2018 Actions ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ Continue and conclude the implementation of the eReserve Plus digital course readings platform Review print and legacy collections to assess usability and prioritise staged digitisation projects aligned with UON research priorities and community initiatives R&SR Undertake a review of microform collections to determine digital equivalency, acquire digital alternatives and relegate obsolete formats R&SR Improve reporting on eResource usage, optimising the use of JUSP data and EZproxy logs to demonstrate ROI and better inform purchasing and renewal decisions R&SR Investigate further eTextbook offerings through VitalSource, Kortext and OpenStax, acquire as appropriate and integrate with course readings; align with NUW alliance OER and divisional initiatives (e.g. Pearson) Trial explorative / inferential search engines such as Yewno as complementary to Encore Duet discovery layer to facilitate interconnected searching and improve usage of subscription resources Expand the GLAMx facility to include storage, preparation and conservation space for large artefacts, unearthed artefacts, textiles and art works, using the L107 space and In conjunction with IT Services and the vendor, explore cloud hosting services for Sierra, Encore and BONUS+. 11/8/2017 Library Services 5

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