How to Remove the Traces of Bitdefender Software from your System?


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There might be a number of reasons that you might need to

uninstall the antivirus software from your application, these

reasons are not much important. What is important is that you are

able to remove them completely from the system. Unfortunately,

when it comes to Bitdefender antivirus products such as the live

safe etc. it is quite a difficult to get rid of all the components of the

application. To that end, once you go through the standard

uninstallation process, you might still come across some of the

software’s traces in the form of registry entries and other tools.

One such component is the System filter driver.

Wat to reoe the softare’s trace, Bitdefender Support Australia has a way

While there is a more direct approach to remove the traces, it involves an

intricate knowledge of the computer workings and some interaction with

the Dos programs. Therefore, you can say that it is not completely within

the reach of some of the laymen. Fortunately, our experts rely on

optimizing this approach. To that end, all you need is to download a nifty

little removal tool and run it. Without further digression, let us begin with

the steps to remove the traces of Bitdefender Software from your system:

1. Turn on your computer and launch your favorite browser. Once

launched, navigate to the official Bitdefender Support page

exclusively tailored to removing the application from the


2. Some steps would be given there. Click on the

download link emphasized upon in the step 2 initialize the

downloading of this removal tool.

Toll Free: 0800-098-8674

3. Go to the location where the software just got downloaded, then

double click it to initialize it.

4. Make sure that you have logged into the system as an

administrator, as you need proper authentication to remove the

antivirus traces.

5. Let the software run for about 30 seconds. Once that is complete,

you will notice that all the traces are removed. Its success it

indicated the Clean up Successful alert.

6. Restart the application to remove the remnants in a more

complete fashion.

These steps would sufficiently remove all the traces of the antivirus

application. But, to be honest make sure that you make some other

compromises rather than removing the software. Your computer

needs optimal protection and Bitdefender is the one that delivers it

with style. In any case, you can contact our experts via the tollfree

Bitdefender Support Number Australia 1-800-875-379 for

further information regarding this topic. In any case, you will an

optimal amount of suggestions regarding this software in addition to

troubleshoots in case you face any issue while removing the traces of

this software.


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