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STUDENTS WIDGET C++(Famous Programming language): C++ is a general purpose Language in the list of Top Best Programming Languages to Learn for 2018. The C++ language has two principal parts: an immediate mapping of equipment highlights. Also, gave principally by the C subset. Zero-overhead reflections based on those mappings. C++ basically depends on the syntax of C language. But C++ has more libraries as compared to C language. There are many similarities between C and C++. PHP (Best language for handling Databases): PHP is a general language for web development and server side Applications. PHP is widely used in 2017 and 2018. Almost, all the Work on web development is based on HTML, PHP. If we talk about how much secure is this language, then we have to say that database of PHP is much stronger than any other Programming language. Ruby (Dynamic Programming Language in 2018): The first word comes in mind, when we hear the word Ruby is “Dynamic”. Ruby is a mixture of Dynamic, object oriented and reflective programming language. Also, Ruby is a 22 years Old Programming Language. It was first shown in 1995. But now it is widely used in 2018. Ruby supports multiple programming paradigms. It includes functional and object-oriented Paradigms. At last, Which Programming language is best to start learning? Generally, We recommend to start learning programming from Java or C++. There are many reasons for example, you can learn more concepts of Programming of Object oriented in Java and C++. Furthermore, If you want to build strong background in programming language then choose Java or C++ among these Top 10 Best Programming Languages to Learn for 2018. 6

STUDENTS WIDGET 7 Cyber Security Career and Education Information Cyber security programs prepare students to protect computer systems from viruses and hackers by teaching computer forensics and networking fundamentals. Cyber security refers to the means used to protect computers and networks from illegal attempts to access personal, business, or classified information via the Internet. Those interested in a career in the field of cyber security may pursue work as a security administrator, cyber policy analyst, and information security analyst or software developer. Essential Information Any computer connected to the Internet is vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Cyber security is the technique used to protect computers and networks from these types of intrusions. As illegal efforts to gain personal or classi-

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