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Issue 62 October 2017 Village Eye


DIY TECH LEATHERMAN TREAD Anytime, anywhere. (I thought that was Martini), multiple tools in each 17-4 stainless steel bracelet link, making usable tools like Allen wrenches, screwdrivers and box wrenches available at a moment’s notice. Adjustable to accommodate any wrist size and fully customizable with the links you need most. Better remember to take it off before going to the airport at £159 you don’t want it confiscated. TM eye TECH by Eye Geek I was summoned to the garden this summer “Build me a deck” she said. I’m chuffed to say I managed to complete it just before the heavens opened for the gazillionth time too - so it’ll be ready to use in the spring. Now that the autumn is upon us, I’ll no doubt be given a quota of jobs to finish around the house. But, as I’ve said to her before - “There’s no need to remind me every six months or so - I’m on it already”.. Truth is, I’m actually holding out for a while as I’ve seen some very handy gadgets which I am sure will help me get these jobs done a little bit sooner. So, without abusing my column space... “Darling - only 15 weeks to go until...” UNIVERSAL SOCKET Every tool box should have one of these. Struggling to find that 13mm socket and the 12mm will not hammer on. Reach for the universal socket. Great stocking filler. Cheap as chips from screwfix :) LASER SPIRIT LEVEL Banish the wonky shelves and get the picture frames the same height all around the room - They cost about £15 for a small one. QUADSAW - this is genius! Eye GEEK Loves It’s pretty amazing how long it takes to cut a square hole. Find the pencil, grab the square, mark the wall and begin the cut. That’s probably 3-5 minutes per square, depending on how much skill you have. What if you could just press a square to the wall and begin cutting? That’s essentially how the new Quadsaw works. This bad boy has 4 different saws that make up a square. They cut simultaneously providing you with a nice clean square. It’s a brand new product from a UK company (hurrah) and the chaps behind it are now taking preorders at £199 (Hopefully with shipping before the end of the year), though this is yet to be confirmed... Definitely worth visiting their website and registering your interest if nothing else! 14 14 To contribute, advertise or let us know your news please call 0118 933 3311 or email @villageeyemag Issue 62 October D 2017(Paul).indd 14 19/09/2017 17:31

Make provision for the things you love NEW JOB (with a little help from us) Accomodation & employment contracts by Liam Connolly RAPID COMPUTER SUPPORT your local mobile IT helpdesk! If you have computer problems, we can help you with: • VIRUS REMOVAL & PROTECTION • MAXIMISE SECURITY • HARDWARE REPAIR OR UPGRADE • SOFTWARE REPAIR OR UPGRADE • INTERNET AND EMAIL SETUP/TROUBLESHOOTING • IMPROVE COMPUTER PERFORMANCE • SUPPLY AND INSTALL OF ANY TYPE OF COMPUTER • HELP WITH MOBILE PHONE SYNCRONIZATION • DATA TRANSFER • DESKTOP APPLICATIONS • SOFTWARE INSTALLATIONS • ONE-TO-ONE TUITION • SUPPORT CONTRACTS AVAILABLE no fix no fee Personalised Financial Planning call us now 01256 560070 For an initial consultation call us on: 0118 987 6655 BLUESKY Chartered Financial Planners is a trading style of BLUESKY Independent Financial Advisers LLP which is authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.’ All work guaranteed In the recent case of Hertfordshire County Council –v- Davies [2017] EWHC 1488 (QB) a court has considered, and given useful guidance, on the issue of accommodation tied to contracts of employment. The Defendant in the case (Mr Davies) moved into a school bungalow owned by the local authority when he became a school caretaker in January 2003. He was later dismissed in June 2015 for gross misconduct but did not vacate the property following his dismissal. The question for the court was whether or not the Defendant was entitled to remain in possession. By the time of the hearing, the local authority no longer ran the school and did not require the school bungalow for another caretaker, but the court held that the Council were entitled to possession of the property when the Defendant’s employment ended. The court found that the agreement between the parties amounted to a “service occupancy” agreement tied to the Defendant’s employment. The Defendant was therefore required to vacate the property. The case highlights the need to understand the distinction between a service occupancy and a service tenancy. The former will provide an employee with the right to occupy the property during the term of their employment, and will automatically end without notice upon termination of their employment. The latter will be regulated by the Housing Act 1988 and rights of occupier will depend on type of tenancy in place. It is a far less certain place to be. Where an employer has given an employee a right to reside in accommodation tied specifically to their employment, they should be mindful of the interesting issues raised in this case. They should be careful to ensure that any agreement is clear in specifying that an employee is occupying as a licensee under a service occupancy agreement rather than as a tenant under a service tenancy. Premises under service occupancy are deemed to be vicariously occupied by an employer, meaning that the employee does not have any interest or estate in the premises in comparison to service tenancies, and an employee would therefore have no rights to remain in property after termination. Liam Connolly is a specialist dispute resolution solicitor and can advise on all landlord and tenant matters. email: Freephone: 0800 228 9138 Cedar Gables, Meadow Park, Sherfield-on-Loddon,RG27 0DH Liam Connolly Rowberry Morris Solicitors Mulfords Hill | Tadley | RG26 3XJ | T: 0118 981 2992 15 Issue 62 October D 2017(Paul).indd 15 19/09/2017 17:31

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