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AVL Content Creation Guidelines If you add customer references, please consider that customer approval must be achieved in writing before they can be published as references online (or anywhere in the public sphere). References Provide here references (e.g. SAE, ATZ, MTZ papers) to document that you can do what you just described. Try to address what a European, US, or Asian visitor would consider proof. For example, has the German auto industry used it, are there projects in the US, do we also supply expertise and support? For publications please use the following citation format: “Family Name, first capital of given name”:“Title of the publication”, “Detail of Publication”, “Year of Publication” Details For ITS, this section typically contains technical facts and figures about the product and its dimensions. For AST, this section would typically list software specifications and solutions. For PTE, this section should provide evidence of technical expertise and the overall methodology employed. Information presented here should be in the form of a table or bullet points. Standards/ Interfaces For AST and ITS, this section describes which standards the offering employs, for example ASAM, CAN. For PTE this section could describe the workflow interfaces when outsourcing to AVL. What does the customer typically need to provide, what does AVL typically deliver (data and report formats, vehicles, engines …). Support This area should be used to sell support and training. Place here links to available training, webinars or to applications in My Cockpit. Author: Marketing AVL digital content guidelines_1.3.docx Created: 03/2016 confidential 14/35

AVL Content Creation Guidelines This area should be used to support cross selling. Think here of products and services from other areas such as PTE, ITS and AST that would be relevant to the customer’s solution and interlink these sections. Related Areas State and hyperlink (use the CMS hyperlink function) here related product/service or overview pages. For tagging to categories (Solutions, Powertrain Elements or Industries) use the CMS tagging feature. Examples could be: Related topics Powertrain calibration could link to calibration services (PTE), calibration data management (AVL CRETA 4), model-based development (AVL CRUISE), automated calibration (AVL CAMEO). Related applications or industries Engine design services could link to passenger car, commercial vehicles, simulation software (AVL FIRE, AVL EXCITE). Related PTE, ITS or AST areas Modelling could link to Model.CONNECT, AVL CRUISE, AVL CAMEO. You could even create a user journey, for example a journey through the world of calibration @ AVL. EXAMPLE: You can hyperlink the AVL CRETA 4 page to AVL Team SUITE page Optional Content This section can be used for your product- or solution specific need. The headline can be chosen according to the content (e.g. Blogs, YouTube-Channels, etc.) Downloads • Max. number of files: 5 • Not older than 3 years This area should contain technical documents and papers that prove AVL’s technical expertise. Examples: Brochures, Fact sheets Scientific studies New technologies Figure 4: Example Creta - Brand Promise Author: Marketing AVL digital content guidelines_1.3.docx Created: 03/2016 confidential 15/35

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