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AVL Content Creation Guidelines 3 Appendices 3.1 Contact information For support and more information regarding these guidelines, please contact the following: Corporate Marketing: PTE Marketing: ITS Marketing: AST Marketing: 3.2 Writing technical content (Klaus Baumgartner) – tbd For more information, please contact Author: Marketing AVL digital content guidelines_1.3.docx Created: 03/2016 confidential 28/35

AVL Content Creation Guidelines 3.3 Guideline trademarks This section covers the definition and processes for the use of trademarks. WHAT IS A TRADEMARK? A trademark identifies the source of a product or service Trademarks characterize a known quality and a particular brand If a trademark is not properly used, trademarks rights can be lost The proprietor of a registered trademark is entitled to prevent others from using their trademark. Examples: When/when not to register a trademark? This short section provides a decision guidance and information on the correct use of trademarks. UNREGISTERED TRADEMARKS In order to use a word as trademark (e.g. in publications or brochures), you don‘t necessarily have to register it. CORRECT USE OF A NON-REGISTERED TRADEMARK: It is sufficient to use TM in order to identify AVL’s non-registered trademarks. It shows that the word is used as a trademark for specific goods or services (which come from AVL) and is not used in a descriptive way for the goods or services. Author: Marketing AVL digital content guidelines_1.3.docx Created: 03/2016 confidential 29/35

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