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ACES Abu Dhabi - Prequalification


SECTION 3 - ACES SERVICES 3.4 Special Studies & Projects ACES provides special studies services for a wide range of projects with an open-ended scope in construction problem solving activities. ACES employs highly qualified specialists in highways, pavement, structural, chemical, materials and geotechnical engineering and utilizes state of the art equipment for destructive and non-destructive testing for this purpose. ACES has conducted this specialized work in several countries in the Middle East and in Asia. Special studies scope of services includes but is not limited to: 1. Non-destructive testing of reinforced concrete structures. 2. Instrumentation and monitoring of structures. 3. Evaluation of condition and damage of existing structures. 4. Studies, design and supervision of temporary and permanent earth retaining structures. 5. Studies, management and supervision of major excavations. 6. Consultation on the design of dams, water structures and special foundations. 7. Consultation on drainage and dewatering systems. 8. Studies and design for rehabilitation, maintenance and repair of structures. 9. Evaluation of fire damaged structures and design of repair. 10. Pavement evaluation for highways and airports. 11. Consultation and research related to special problems in construction projects. Page 8 of 27

SECTION 3 - ACES SERVICES 3.5 Land & Marine Surveying ACES provide its clients with land and marine survey solutions that enable them to make strategic decisions for their projects. With complete in-house facilities and state of the art equipment, specialized software and highly qualified survey engineers and surveyors, ACES is becoming one of the leaders in the field of land and marine surveying in the region. The scopes of services offered by Survey Department are: Topographic Survey. Near Shore Bathymetric Surveys. Cadastral Surveys. Corridor Alignments (Horizontal & Vertical) and Profiles. Setting Out Surveys. Under Ground Utilities Surveys. As-Built Surveys Digital Terrain Modeling. Establishment of Control Stations and Bench Marks. Precise and Differential Leveling. Settlement Monitoring. Earthworks Volumes Calculations Survey Consultancy and Check Engineering. Hiring of Survey Crews. Maps Digitizing and conversion of Raster to Vector. Hydrographic Survey. Bathymetric Survey. Tidal Measurements. Current Measurements. Sea water sample collection and in-situ testing. Page 9 of 27

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