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ACES Abu Dhabi - Prequalification


5.1.7 EVALUATION OF EXISTING STRUCTURES & PAVEMENTS 1. Electromagnetic covermeters 2. Half Cell Potential Devices 3. Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Instruments for non-destructive testing of concrete 4. Pull-off / Pull Out testers/ Capo Test. 5. Rebound Hammers 6. Coating Thickness Gauges 7. Coating Holidays Detectors, Low Voltage/High Voltage (Spark Tester) 8. Concrete Moisture Encounter for in-situ concrete moisture 9. Crack Detection Microscope 10. Biaxial Inclinometer System for Measurement of Lateral Displacement. 11. Strain Gauge Sensors & Data Loggers. 12. Nuclear Density Meters. 5.1.8 ENVIRONMENTAL SAMPLING & MONITORING 1. Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Station 2. Indoor Air Quality Monitoring Instruments 3. Dust Sampling & Monitoring Device 4. Portable Flue Gas Analyser 5. Gas Monitoring Equipment (Multi-Gas Detectors) 6. Photo Ionization Detectors 7. Portable Multimeters (pH, EC, DO, ORP) 8. Digital Sound Level Meters, Class 1 9. Piezometers of various diameters and depth 10. Disposable Bailers and various sampling equipment 11. Water level meters and loggers. 12. LNAPL Interface meters 13. Ground water purging pumps. Page 18 of 27

5.2 MAJOR LABORATORY TESTING FACILITIES 5.2.1 SOIL, ROCK AND AGGREGATE Complete range of equipment for testing of: Soils: Rocks: 1. Classification Tests – Grain Size Distribution, Plasticity Characteristics, Particle Density & Specific Gravity 2. Compaction Related Tests – Proctor, CBR, Maximum & Minimum Dry Density 3. Shear Strength – Direct Shear Test, Triaxial Test, Unconfined Compression Tests 4. Permeability – Falling and Constant Head Permeability Tests 5. Compressibility – One Dimensional Consolidation Test 6. Chemical Tests – Sulphate, Chloride, Carbonate Content, Organic Matter Content. 1. Unconfined Compression Test 2. Modulus Elasticity & Poisson’s Ratio 3. Point Load Test 4. Slake Durability Index. 5. Cherchar Abrasion. Aggregates & Stone: 1. Physical Properties – Grain Size Distribution, Density, Specific Gravity & Water Absorption 2. Shape – Flakiness and Elongation Tests, Partially Crushed Faces 3. Sand Equivalent Value 4. Mechanical Properties – Aggregate Impact Value, Aggregate Crushing Value, Ten Percent Fines Value, Los Angles Abrasion Value 5. Chemical Tests – Sulphate, Chloride, Organic Impurities, Potential Silica Alkali Reactivity 5.2.2 CONCRETE TESTING 1. Concrete Compression Testing Machines 2. Compression frames for manholes cover, pipes and flexural testing 3. Water Permeability testing apparatus, according to DIN 1048. 4. Fully computerized complete set-up for electrical measurement of concrete ability to resist Chloride Ion Penetration, AASHTO T-277/ ASTM C 1202. 5. Various testing equipment, mixers, moulds and tools for sampling and testing of concrete. 6. Electromagnetic Covermeters 7. Half Cell Potential Devices 8. Ultrasonic Instrument for non-destructive testing of concrete. 9. A unique patented field system for measuring the rate of corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete and measuring of concrete resistivity ambient temperature and relative humidity. Page 19 of 27

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