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November Newsletter


Leaside Lawn Bowling Club November 2017 Clubhouse Connection President’s Message - Lori Brendel I am honoured to be writing my first “President’s Message” as the incoming President of the Leaside Lawn Bowling Club. Dorothy Robertson has done a wonderful job as the President for the past three (3) years and has left me some very large shoes to fill! Thank you Dorothy for your tireless labours at the club and thank you in advance for your continued support as the Past- President. Leaside Lawn Bowling Club Located at: 190 Hanna Road, in Talbot Park Contact us at: P.O. Box 43567 1601 Bayview Avenue Toronto, ON, M4G 4G8. (416) 483-1418 Editor: Jerry Michaels In addition to Dorothy stepping down, Marilyn Pearson has completed her term as Vice President and I would like to thank Marilyn for all her contributions this past year. Consequently, we have some new faces on the executive this year and we are all very pleased to see some men on the team once again. John Adams is the new Vice-President and Brian Cruise is taking over as the Treasurer. The Facilities and Social chair position has been vacant this past year and thankfully Shirley Bayes and Suzanne Gourley have agreed take on this role as co-chairs. Our executive is very strong and all positions are filled this year – I look forward to working with the executive to make 2018 another successful season! Planning for next season is well underway for both the open tournaments and all the in-club tournaments, fun days and jitneys. Keep an eye on our website as all this information will be posted. And as usual, you will receive all this information in your membership package in the spring. The end of the bowling season is bitter-sweet – no more glorious sunny days on the green with friends at LLBC. For me, the curling season has begun which will keep me well occupied until the spring. For others, our club remains quite a social hub all winter long with carpet bowling on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings and euchre and bridge on Saturdays. Whatever activities occupy your winter days and nights, I wish you all a happy “off-season” and look forward to seeing you on the green in May. - Lori

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