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Product Catalogue 2017 | Mahn Medizinprodukte GmbH


34 X-RAY PROTECTION PROTECTIVE SHIELDING SYSTEMS MOBILE LOWER BODY PROTECTOR | 505000 The mobile lower body shields slim and versatile design is tilt resistant and takes up only a small space during use or storage. The body of the mobile shield consists of a broad middle section with two removable upper shields of different heights and two fix-angled side sections. The shield provides optimal protection with its overlapping, flexible panels, which contain a 0.50 mm Pb lead equivalency. It has also been fitted with special, conductive wheels to prevent electrostatic charges. MOBILE PROTECTIVE SHIELD | 507000 Height-adjustable, mobile X-ray protective shield. A classic model for multi-modality radiological personal protection where upper and lower body protection are combined in one mobile system. The upper section consists of a transparent lead acrylic panel with a Pb value of 0.50 mm and 70 cm in width. The lower shield section is comprised of a steel body with a grey-white varnished finish (RAL 9002). The base has a Pb value of 1.00 mm and measures 78 cm x 95 cm (WxH). The shield is adjustable in height from 115 cm (minimum height of the shield) to 188 cm (maximum height of the shield). In both cases, the measurements are from the upper edge of the shield to the floor. The lead acrylic panel is easily height-adjustable and retracts within its steel base. Different brands and versions available. STATUS: NOVEMBER 2017

X-RAY PROTECTION 35 PROTECTIVE SHIELDING SYSTEMS CEILING SUSPENDED SHIELD | 508000 Ceiling supported, freely moveable and height adjustable over couch protective windows with protective shields. The spring supported arms in different lengths allowing an optimal preparation of the working area. Ceiling support column with two connectors for supporting arms for mounting of protective screens and accessories. Supporting arms with integrated power supply for lamps, monitors or electric appliances. STATIONARY LOWER BODY PROTECTOR | 509000 Lower body protection shield for mounting at the accessory rails of the X-ray table sides. Universal adjustable for an optimal positioning in front of the operator. Mounting rack made of stainless steel. Shields are made of lead rubber with tear resistant cover for easy cleaning and disinfection. Different types and sizes available. Lead equivalent of 0,50 mm Pb. Available accessories: - Adjustable protective shields - Contoured protective shields - Flexible radiation protective lamellas - Examination and operation lights - Monitor supports - Supports for electric devices and accessories STATUS: NOVEMBER 2017

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