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Local World - Pietermaritzburg Oct/Nov 2017 Edition

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3 Main Considerations

3 Main Considerations For Your Hassle Free Home Renovation - By TradeGate Media Author Budget, budget, budget A solid budget is the secret to successful renovations and building. Consulting with an experienced contractor like SM Building Contractors takes the guesswork out of budgeting. 2017 is their 10th year of success in construction. Capitalise on their experience and referrals. Budgeting also makes it easier to plan the alterations in phases which can be discussed with all parties involved. Planning ahead Homeowners should meet with a professiona; and plan without rushing into making changes to their homes. It is imperative that it is planned out properly. Consider the time frame and liveability of the project. Be careful to consider the impact that the changes will have on the aesthetics of the home. Homeowners should see the long term use or bigger picture. In other words, renovations need to be suitable for your lifestyle. Hiring a professional After 10 years of successful construction, SM Building Contractors is definitely doing something right. There may be many homeowners who do not see the necessity of employing a professional in the field but this is critical to saving you time and money, and more importantly keeping you and your family safe. • SEARCH Can you find these Safari Animals? KUDU LEOPARD BABOON RHINO CHEETAH GIRAFFE CROCODILE WILDEBEEST HYENA HIPPO ELAND BUFFALO CIVET GAZELLE MONKEY ELEPHANT WARTHOG LION ZEBRA 8

SM HOME RENOVATIONS cc trading as CK No: 2006/132749/23 VAT Reg. No: 4850237167 14 Ramont Place, Montrose Pietermaritzburg, 3201 GIVE US A CALL TODAY! (Office) 033 347 0962 Tiling • Plumbing • Decorative Ceilings • Doors Built-in-Cupboards • Electrical • Aluminium i Windows and any other home construction improvement and maintenance services (Terms and conditions apply)

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