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Climate Action 2008-2009


TECHNOLOGY The future is now RENEWABLE ENERGY AND CLIMATE CHANGE RENEWABLES 104 We are seeing ever more obvious signals that climate change is affecting us, here and now. The science is certain. Certainty is now needed in the responses of policy-makers to the problem. The technology for renewable energy is already available. Wind power alone can more than satisfy the world’s need for power. But mechanisms need to be put in place to ensure that the technology can be implemented – now. WHERE TO NOW? VISIT: WWW.CLIMATEACTIONPROGRAMME.ORG

TECHNOLOGY RENEWABLE TAKE OFF We are entering the renewable energy age and investors have flocked to the sector. WIND IN THE LEAD Figure 1: The soar in global cumulative installed capacity from wind energy. RENEWABLES 105 VISIT: WWW.CLIMATEACTIONPROGRAMME.ORG