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Climate Action 2009-2010

a key role in fi ghting

a key role in fi ghting climate change France Télécom S.A. – RCS Paris 380 129 866 – Orange librairie –

Helping customers reduce their carbon footprint Individuals and companies are now able to reduce their energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions through communication solutions. Business trips are being replaced by telecommuting and collaborative working solutions. As a global telecommunications operator, we play a key role in helping our customers reduce their own carbon footprint. We provide solutions which can help our customers combat greenhouse gas emissions by: • enabling a ß exible workplace; • promoting collaborative working; • optimizing vehicle ß eet management; • consolidating and virtualizing IT infrastructures; • implementing telemetering solutions; This approach is supported by a dedicated consultancy practice, as we endeavour to continuously improve our solutions. In particular, we carry out comprehensive studies so we can analyze the environmental impacts of our offers more precisely. Among other things, we have evaluated the benefi ts of our Business Everywhere and Telepresence solutions. We are also part of the “Climate Change and ICTs” Focus Group which was initiated by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), a United Nations organisation. We also contribute to the corresponding publications. Moreover, in order to standardize the way energy consumption of network equipment is measured, we recently launched the Energy Effi ciency Inter-Operator Group, together with 18 other telecom operators. We practice what we preach Our activities produce limited amounts of greenhouse gases, mainly through energy consumption from telecom network infrastructures and buildings, but also emissions from our vehicle ß eet as well as staff business trips. However, we are committed to contributing to the combat against climate change: • reducing CO ² emissions for France Telecom Group by 20% from the 2006 level by the year 2020; • involving all of our employees in reducing the companyÕs environmental footprint; • reducing energy consumption by 15% from the 2006 level by the year 2020; • sourcing 25% of Orange Group electricity in the EMEA zone from solar power by the year 2015. One of our major initiatives to reduce our own carbon footprint regards datacenters. We have consolidated our infrastructures, virtualized our servers, optimized the ventilation and implemented new air conditioning systems. Through a dedicated programme, we have produced 8,000 virtual servers. This has allowed an energy saving of 14 GWh and saved 650 tons of CO 2 emissions by the end of May 2009. Because of our continuous efforts, we received the Frost & Sullivan 2007 and 2008 Green Excellence Awards, for “Product Innovation” and “Service Achievement”. “Orange leads the sustainable telecoms market” according to a ground-breaking report published in May 2009 by Verdantix, an independent analyst firm which provides commercial analysis of climate change, sustainability and energy issues. Benefits brought by ICT in other sectors of the economy are estimated to be fi ve times higher than the footprint generated by the ICT sector itself. This is one of the main conclusions of the Smart 2020 report.