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Climate Action 2009-2010

Does water alone have

Does water alone have the power to change the world? Chemical-Free Cleaning Saves Water and the Environment Tennant Company, a world leader in designing, manufacturing and marketing solutions that help create a cleaner, safer world, has developed a cleaning technology called ec-H2O TM that electrically converts tap water to make it behave like a powerful detergent. Using this technology, organizations can clean their facilities with the same cleaning effectiveness as general purpose cleaners, without the environmental or health impacts of producing, packaging, transporting, using, and disposing of traditional chemicals. Uses 70 percent less water than traditional cleaning methods Approximately 130,000 new floor scrubbing machines are sold annually, which consume nearly 1.35 billion liters of water per year. If all new scrubbers sold were equipped with ec-H2O technology, global water usage would be reduced by approximately 950 million liters annually. How it works: Plain tap water is poured into the cleaning machine. Water is infused with oxygen bubbles to create highly oxygenated water. 1 2 3 The oxygenated water flows through a water cell where an electric current is applied. Oxygenation Chamber

In addition, ec-H2O would eliminate the need to treat 11 million liters of all-purpose cleaner in the wastewater stream which are released into treatment facilities. If the 130,000 machines sold each year were used five times a week and used 15 ml of detergent to 1 liter water, the packaging waste generated from these all-purpose cleaners consists of 4.4 million kg of cardboard, 1.1 million kg of HDPE, 33.000 kg of non-recyclable caps and 29.000 kg of nonrecyclable label material. Reduces packaging and production of chemicals In less than a year ec-H2O has proven itself to industry experts, receiving prestigious certifications and awards not only for its performance, but its significance to safety, the environment and the industry. These include the European Business Award (EBA) for Business Innovation 2009, an independent awards program designed to recognize and promote excellence, best practice and innovation in the European business community. ec-H20 was also selected as one of the 2009 Top 10 Green Building Products winners by Sustainable Industries’ Top 10 Green Building Products guide. In the health care industry, Premier's Innovation Celebration, honored ec-H2O technology for its impact on improving patient health. The technology also joined previous breakthrough innovations such as the ATM, fax machine and HDTV by being chosen in 2008 as a most technologically significant innovation by R&D Magazine. Learn more: Creating a cleaner, safer world. 4 Flowing out of the water cell is a blended stream of positively and negatively charged water with all the power of a general purpose cleaner. 5 The converted water attacks the dirt, breaks it into small particles, and pulls it off the floor’s surface – enabling the scrubber’s pads or brushes to easily scrub away the dirt. 6 After 45 seconds, the converted water begins to recombine into normal water. All that is left in the recovery tank is plain water and dirt.