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Climate Action 2010-2011

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Policy and Governance We will be kick-starting an energy efficient overhaul of home and businesses across the country. © Creative commons/flickr/AnnieGreenSprings Greg Barker Minister of State for Climate Change, UK The Green Deal: Financing energy efficient buildings across the UK Britain’s coalition government has proposed the country’s most ambitious energy efficiency drive to date, promising to insulate millions of homes and workplaces nationwide under a new ‘Green Deal’. The innovative Deal will unlock private investment to cover the upfront costs of improving Britain’s ageing, energyinefficient housing stock which will then be paid back by householders from the savings made on their energy bills. There’s a clear recognition in the new coalition government that tackling climate change, securing our future energy supplies and making a permanent transition to a low-carbon, high-growth economy is an urgent and vital task. Energy efficiency lies at the very heart of our strategy. It means being smarter about the energy we use – making the most of a precious resource and eliminating waste. But it’s also a policy that’s long been ignored – with homes and businesses across Britain wasting energy and money. The Green Deal The UK government’s Green Deal is about providing a long-term solution to this intractable problem. It’s the biggest shake-up in the history of energy efficiency. It will be more ambitious than anything that’s ever been tried before. It will reduce energy wastage and save people and business money. It will create jobs, reduce CO 2 emissions and help secure energy supplies for future generations. The Green Deal will be a bigger national drive than putting on the London Olympics. | 17 |