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Climate Action 2012-2013


CONSERVATION AND BIODIVERSITY The initiative addresses three priority themes: rangelands, forage and livestock; protected agriculture; and water resources management. These themes are supported by research in agro-ecological characterisation and stress physiology. Emphasis is also placed on institutional strengthening and capacity building, human resource development, and promotion of the use of information technology. The present APRP project aims to transfer and promote the technology packages developed during previous collaborative research projects that show positive impacts on enhancing yield and water productivity, and on natural resources management. AARINENA’S ROLE AARINENA role is, first, to contribute to the enhancement of agricultural and rural development in t he West Asia/North Africa region through fostering agricultural research and technology development; secondly, to promote the exchange of scientific and technical experience and information; and thirdly to strengthen collaboration within and outside the region to achieve a greater degree of self-reliance in food and agriculture. AARINENA has identified several tools and actions to strengthen co-operation among members and stakeholders. These include the establishment of seven Regional Technical Networks on date-palms, cotton, olives, medicinal plants, water use efficiency, agricultural biotechnology, and plant genetic resources. In addition, the Consortium of Farmer Organizations and Regional Agricultural Information Systems (RAIS) has been established. AARINENA has organised a wide range of meetings, workshops, symposiums, seminars and training courses in different areas of agricultural research for development. Dr. Faisal Awawdeh, the President of AARINENA, holds a PhD in animal sciences from Washington State University and was the Director General for The National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension for five years. Dr. Awawdeh is regional coordinator for APRP and ICARDA and is national coordinator of several international projects. He has written numerous articles, studies and reports and has wide experience in technical and management positions and extensive networking with regional, national and international organizations. Dr. Ibrahim Hamdan holds a PhD in Food Technology & Nutrition from The Ohio State University, USA and worked as a research scientist at the Ohio Research Center and later as Project Leader and Manager of the Biotechnology Department at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research. He served as Associate Professor and Director of the Agricultural Research Center at the Jordan University for Science and Technology and served as FAO Senior Regional Agro-industries & Technology Officer and was appointed Executive Secretary of AARINENA in 2004. The Association of Agricultural Research Institutions in the Near East and North Africa (AARINENA) is an autonomous body and a platform for agricultural research and innovation in the West Asia and North Africa (WANA) region, created in accordance with the recommendations of the 14th and 16th FAO Regional Ministerial Conferences. 172

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