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Climate Action 2014-2015


PublISHed by CLIMATE ACtioN IN partnership with the United NatioNS EnviroNMENt ProgrAMME (UNEP) ISBN: 978-0-9928020-2-8 PublISHed NoveMBer 2014 Editor-iN-Chief: WillIAM BrittleBANk Sub Editor: JoHN Saunders dESign: dANIel BroWN Printer: Buxton PreSS The Publishers wish to thank all the individuals and organisations who have contributed to this book. In particular we acknowledge the following people from UNEP for their help and advice in producing Climate Action: Achim Steiner, Naysan Sahba, Fanina Kodre-Alexander and other UNEP staff UNEP does not necessarily endorse the organisations that have included advertisements in this publication ClIMAte Action 5 Prescot Street, London, E1 8PA, UK Tel: +44 (0)207 871 0173 UNEP PO Box 30552, Nairobi, Kenya Tel: +254 20 762 3292 In June 1992, the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) was signed at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, and members have been meeting annually since 1995 at Conferences of the Parties (COP) to take on the global threat of climate change. COP20 now brings us to Peru, and Lima presents a crucial opportunity for world leaders to lay the groundwork for the binding agreement scheduled to be finalised in Paris next year. Stabilising greenhouse gas emissions, the advancement of climate finance mechanisms and the Post 2015 Development Agenda, will be brought into sharp focus. Launched in 2007 at the UNFCCC COP13 in Bali we now present the eighth edition of Climate Action; the leading platform for Ministers of Environment and Energy, United Nations leadership, industry figureheads and finance experts to expound on climate change solutions and the technologies and mechanisms that are driving the green economy. Featuring world-class thought leadership, the publication aims at identifying the urgent topics in the climate change debate, encouraging consensus on international decision making and catalysing decisive action to effect change. Produced in partnership with the UNEP, the publication provides concrete steps that both governments and businesses can take to reduce carbon footprints through ongoing dialogue and dedicated actions. We hope you find it a stimulating and enlightening read. For further information on Climate Action please visit The information contained in this publication has been published in good faith and the opinions herein are those of the authors and not of the United Nations Environment Programme or Green Media. The designations employed and the presentation of material in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of the United Nations Environment Programme or Green Media concerning the legal status of any country, territory or city or its authorities, or concerning the delimitation of its frontiers or boundaries. The United Nations Environment Programme and Green Media do not endorse any of the products advertised herein and cannot accept responsibility for any error or misinterpretation based on this information. The use of information from this publication concerning proprietary products for publicity or advertising is not permitted. Reproduction in whole or part of any contents of this publication (either in print form or electronically) without prior permission is strictly prohibited. Volume copyright Henley Media Group Limited unless otherwise stated. UNEP promotes environmentally sound practises globally and in its own activities. Climate Action is published by Green Media, part of Henley Media Group. It is printed on chlorine-free paper made from wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. All coatings are water based and the percentage of paper bleach is minimal 1