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Climate Action 2016-2017



"With hard work and determination, we can give our children and grandchildren the legacy they deserve." to come together than to combat climate change. We have worked tirelessly to develop a national agreement on climate change that every province and territory could endorse. That agreement, called the Vancouver Declaration, was signed last March. For the first time in Canada’s history, we had the federal government and all 13 provinces and territories united in tackling climate change. The Vancouver Declaration is the centrepiece of our work on climate change in 2016. It committed the senior levels of government to participating in working groups dedicated to four key areas: COUNTRY PERSPECTIVES • Carbon pricing mechanisms • Specific mitigation opportunities • Clean technology, innovation and jobs • Adaptation and climate resilience. Those four working groups have been hard at work ever since last spring. They have developed ideas and solutions that will be considered by Canada’s Prime Minister and the Premiers of all 13 provinces and territories. The federal and provincial governments are discussing measures that will then form a new Pan-Canadian Framework for clean growth and climate change. This framework will include not only a series of measures that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support innovation and improve our capacity to adapt and be resilient to a changing climate. The Pan-Canadian Framework will be a plan to lead our country into a historic transition, one that will see us protect the environment and strengthen our economy. TRANSITIONING TO A LOW-CARBON ECONOMY The transition to a low-carbon economy is what lay behind our government’s announcement in early October 2016. In the same week we ratified the Paris Agreement, we also set out our plan to put a price on carbon pollution across Canada by 2018. We believe this will put Canada on the path to significant reductions of our greenhouse gas emissions. 31