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Welcome to the UCFB Etihad Campus meet the candidates

guide! Within this you will have all the information you need

to know about the candidates for the Students’ Union

Executive positions 2017/2018.


Voting can be done on Moodle on the Students’ Union

section or through a google form, which will be circulated

when voting opens.

Voting will open on 12th November 1pm and will run until

1pm on the 17 th November. You can only vote once.

Vice President Campaigns

James Radcliffe – Accept Nothing, Challenge


My ambition as Vice-President of Campaigns would be to re-create the closeknit

community atmosphere that we had back in Burnley. The move to the

Etihad has been fantastic in respect of the facilities and the brand recognition

that it has provided UCFB, however moving to a city as large as Manchester has

left us spread all over the area. This has made it much harder to hold exciting

events that are in a convenient location for us all.

As a relatively small university, we are in a very unique position in which we can

try to create a real community environment. This is something which I believe

that we achieved during our time in Burnley but have yet to replicate in

Manchester. This is because we had an SU bar in which we would often meet up

for a few drinks and hold events. As Vice-President of Campaigns, I would look

to explore the options that we have here in Manchester of setting up something

similar so that all students have the opportunity to meet the other students on

other courses and in different years of our university.

By working with the current members of the Student Union, I hope that we will

be able to find some form of solution to this problem in order to make

Manchester feel like everyone’s home away from home.

Vice President Media Officer

Rebecca Hawksworth – Just vote for Becca OK

I believe that I am the right candidate to fulfil this role as I am first and foremost

a Multimedia Sports Journalism student who is already actively involved within

the Media industry. I currently intern within the media department of

Huddersfield Town as well as already holding the position of Marketing Intern for

UCFB. I have had articles published on various sports websites as well as having

appeared in the Daily Mirror and on MSN. Most importantly, I am passionate and

dedicated to helping UCFB grow both online and as a brand.

As Vice President Media Officer, I would like to ensure that all of UCFB’s sports

teams and events receive a fair amount of coverage on all aspects of social

media as well as on the UCFB website (not just the UCFB 1st team!). I will ensure

that all media students are given equal opportunities to go and cover the UCFB

sports teams, should they wish to do so, in order to gain credible media

experience which they are then able to add to their CV. There will be

opportunities for students to video and photograph UCFB’s events and sports

teams, cover live events on social media and write pre and post-match reports.

For media students, the coverage of these events will be flexible and based upon

what YOU would like to cover! I will also work to promote student’s own work on

UCFB’s platforms in order to grow their audience!

Vice President Societies

Jake Walker – Make it happen

I am applying for this role on the Students Union as I believe I am the right

person to convey the voice of my fellow students and ultimately 'Make It

Happen'. Societies are an important part of University life as it gives students

opportunities to get involved in something that they have a passion for or

generally just want to know more about. It can be used a platform to meet new

people and build life long friendships as well as improving everyday skills such as


I personally have a few ideas of potential societies I would like to set up.

However I would stress to all my fellow students, that if they have a particular

society they would like to see created at UCFB then I would work extremely hard

and cooperatively to ensure that this is set up for them.

I strive to make all of our university experiences as good as they can be and I

believe that having numerous societies available is an integral part of doing so.

With your cooperation and my determination, together we can 'Make it Happen'.

Nathan Reed – The Best, Forget the Rest

Vote Nathan Reed

Vice President Societies

I am currently studying sports business and coaching, and I am in my first year. I

feel like I would be a good part of the student union team as my knowledge of

assisting running a business for a year would be beneficial to the team and the

role I am applying for.

I have applied for this role because I believe that, as a growing university we, the

students, need more societies and student groups the make the uni experience

more memorable.

To make this happen I will dedicate my own personal time to ensure there is a

society to suit all needs, no matter how weird or wonderful, and ensure that

there are many opportunities and social events within each society to allow the

best experience possible.

As a fresher this year I know it’s quite difficult to make new friends and settler in

and I want to make sure it doesn’t have to be that way with the options to join a

wide variety of societies of people with similar interests.

Ryan Rimmer – Teamwork makes the dream work

If I were to become the new VP of Societies at UCFB Etihad, there are a few

things that I would like do in order to make it work. Firstly, I would help organise

different societies which will then enable students to come along and discuss

the topic that has been picked for that session. For example, I would organise a

societies based around photography. If this was the topic for the session then

students would be able to take pictures of specific areas, students will be able to

have a say into where they would like to go to take these. We will always provide

sessions where students will be able to discuss and talk about their favourite

topics and talk about why they love it. Finally, this would be a great way for

students to meet each other because they will be in sessions with people that

like the same stuff.

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