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NEWS Year Xl - n° 67 November 2017 Happy Hour Halloween 2017 This time a spooky atmosphere surrounded everyone! page 7 PROFICIENCY TESTS: Sooner or later, you are going to face one! Jéssica Bruschi Pag 24 Abílio Borghi principal Editorial And it´s bringing the last edition before Christmas comes!! It´s been a very nice year, but a s f a s t a s a lightning bolt… S P E C I A L The best professions around the world Some of the main careers . that support the society are lacking mostly in the professional scenery of the best living places all around the world. Check them out and surprise yourself: page 2 page 21 S p e c i a l p a g e N e s t l é S t u d e n t s Social project page 19 Martial Arts around the World: Brazil (Capoeira) page 33 In the kitchen Mushroom and mozzarella burger with relish page 3 fun page 35

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