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Wise Man Daily - November 2017

With the November 2017 issue of Wise Man Daily, learn about mistakes to avoid on airplanes, using Facebook to your advantage, principles to make you feel happier, and more. We hope you enjoyed Halloween and are looking forward to Thanksgiving and the heart of the holiday season. We have some big plans coming ahead!

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elief, you don’t need to worry, if that is the reason why you play the games - we have that covered! 3 MAXIMIZE YOUR SLEEP QUALITY Many people pay the price when this step is not followed - because it is a major one. Sleep quality is extremely important and this is even more true when you sleep in amounts that are less than optimal (which is practically everyone these days). By the time your head hits the pillow, on average, you are not getting enough hours of sleep. However, if you are unable to get 8 hours of sleep every night, you can get an effective 6 hours at least. How can you achieve this? Avoid caffeine in the hours leading up to sleep, avoid electronic light in the hour before going to bed (get blue blockers or install f. lux if you really have to stare at a screen) and use blackout curtains to cover your windows. This will not only provide you with better results in terms of weight loss, cognitive function and anti-aging - but the improved sleep quality also enables you to be much more productive! Although you should still aim for getting 7-8 hours of sleep per night, this can help to protect you on those nights when that isn’t possible to do, and let you feel better rested even when you might be somewhat sleep deprived. 4 WORK ANYPLACE YOU CAN With all of the advancements in technology, we now can work in more places than we ever could before (although depending on what your profession is it still might be somewhat limited). Smartphones provide a big advantage for doing small workrelated tasks - for example, reviewing notes, making quick calls and answering emails. Focus on attempting to get more work done during those small chunks of time when you are goofing off or commuting (but not when you are driving). Initially that might not seem like a lot of time saved however when this is combined with some of the other steps, you will see the minutes really adding up! 18 November 2017

5 PREPARE YOUR FOOD IN BULK None of my incoming clients actually do this currently. However, it is a very big time saver. In fact, follow just this one step, even if you don’t do anything else on this list. It will definitely be well worth it. Rather than having to worry about what you need to make for dinner each night, you can enjoy the steak that you cooked on the previous weekend - along with an extra 30 minutes of free time to enjoy it! Beginning with one-pot meals is the best way to get started, where you are able to get 4-5 servings knocked out in a single cooking session. Paleo egg bakes and Paleo chili are great ways to get started with this. Multi-tasks - you can do bulk cooking while you are also organizing your house or doing laundry. It is definitely worth doing! 6 DELETE YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES This one is tough. Delete rather than just deactivate. Although this is of course up to you ultimately, it is better removing your profiles so that you really can determine the amount of time you were previously spending on social media. Your mind will definitely be blown. Before I start getting questions about “how will anyone get a hold of me?”- you do have an email address and phone that work perfectly well! This sea-change with social media completely overtaking our lives has been a quick one - and in order to save time we need to fight back! 7 CUT THE NONSENSE OUT (AND SIMPLIFY THINGS) For pack rats this one can be very difficult, but is a very big time saver when you November 2017 19