Humanities and Social Sciences Division 2017–18


Humanities and Social Sciences Divisional brochure for the 2017–18 academic year




The Division of Humanities and Social Sciences

offers majors in English and World Literatures,

International Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies,

Politics and Human Rights, and Philosophy and

Religious Studies. Personalize your study with a

minor—Asian Studies, Law And Ethics, Gender

and Sexuality Studies, Political Science, Creative

Writing, History, or Social Work.

Outside the classroom, the diversity of New York

City provides a rich variety of experiential learning

opportunities. Whatever major you choose, you’ll

have the CityEdge. You’re never more than a few

steps or subway stops from Wall Street, Broadway,

Museum Mile, the United Nations, major

publishing houses and TV networks, and more.

Maximize your involvement through signature field

experiences, city-infused courses and seminars,

and mentoring by successful professionals in the

greatest city in the world.

Opportunities abound outside of NYC, as well.

Students have conducted research at the National

Archives in Washington, D.C., interned for the

United States Congress, and studied abroad in

Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and the

Middle East. Our students connect socially,

engage critically, and act consciously. Our

graduates are prepared not just to understand

their world, but to change it.



English and World Literatures

The major in English and World Literatures

(EWL) will teach you about literature and culture

from around the globe, equipping you with

the broad perspective and cultural literacy to

become a better reader, writer, and citizen. Three

concentrations engage the power of the written

word across genres and formats: Literature,

Literature And Media, and Creative Writing.

In literature courses, you will read, analyze,

and discuss compelling texts from the past

and present. Literature majors at MMC make

connections with other creative fields—art,

dance, music, and theatre—as well as subjects

that inform both authors and audiences, such

as social justice, economics, history, political

science, psychology, and sociology.

In the Literature and Media concentration, you

will learn and apply your skills as a critic and

writer across print, audiovisual, and digital

formats. Areas of inquiry and exploration include

digital cultures, arts and media, journalism, and

cinema studies.

In creative writing courses, you will study

and practice the writing of poetry, fiction,

and creative nonfiction in a challenging

workshop setting. You can also join the

editorial team of MMC’s literary journal,

The Carson Review; contribute to MMC’s

college newspaper, The Monitor; and

engage with NYC’s literature scene as

part of the Marymount Literary Society.

If you are interested in publishing,

pursue our joint BA/MS in publishing

program with Pace University to

get an early start on your career.

“The most beneficial part of my MMC experience was learning from the

knowledgeable EWL faculty. I was exposed to a wide variety of courses

including Contemporary African Literature, 18th Century Literature and

Literary New York. The depth and rigor of my courses prepared me for my

current graduate studies, and the encouragement and guidance I received

from the EWL faculty has pushed me to pursue my passion. I’m grateful to be

part of such a supportive community.”

— Greer Temnick ’15


This is a selection of recent student internships and

graduate job placements:


Asia Society


Cirque du Soleil


Condé Nast Traveler




The Frick Collection


Manhattan District Attorney’s Office


Men’s Health


The New York Times


Oxford University Press


Penguin Random House


Ralph Lauren corporate archive


Scholastic Corporation






W.W. Norton & Company

“My major in English and World Literatures

and Creative Writing tremendously

prepared me to undertake graduate study

in English. MMC’s small classes and close

working relationships with professors

served as a primer for seminar experiences

in grad school. Now that I am working

full-time as a communications professional,

I find that the writing tools I acquired at

MMC prepared me to create sharplyfocused

prose on a daily basis.”

— Cameron Kelsall ’10



“The Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) major

can be everything you want it to be, and you

will get as much out of it as you put into it.

The tools are provided; the opportunities are

there, especially being in New York City.”

— Alexis Van Dijk ’14

Interdisciplinary Studies

“The two main focuses within my

Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) major were

costume design and film. I also took courses

in costume history and costume construction

that provided me with vital lessons on how

clothing was made. During my study abroad

experience in Italy, I took a photography class

that helped improve my visual skills that could

be carried over into film. The ability to hone

my craft by choosing a diverse, yet integral,

list of courses made the IDS program so

unique and rewarding.”

— Bianca Rogers ’14

Construct your own college degree at MMC

with a major in Interdisciplinary Studies

(IDS). IDS programs are individualized, selfdesigned,

and boundary-crossing—an exact fit

for your interests.

The most compelling topics require different

perspectives. What is the science behind

great works of art? What do sociologists

and historians teach us about the role of

race in the dance world? Design sound with

technical know-how and insights from the

study of music and poetry. Make films about

environmental sustainability, drawing upon

your knowledge of history and international

development. Understand animation

and comics in historical and theoretical

perspective. The possibilities are endless.

As an IDS major, you will work closely

with a faculty team to assemble a

program that is yours, and yours alone.



International Studies

The major in International Studies (IS) at MMC

emphasizes cross-cultural perspectives and a

global viewpoint. Through your coursework,

internships, and study abroad experiences,

you will understand the dynamics of the global

economy, international politics, and

contemporary transnational culture.

As an IS student, you will travel widely, enhance

your language skills, and engage in exciting work

outside of the classroom. Our United Nations

program offers qualified juniors and seniors an

in-depth exposure to the United Nations through

a full-time, semester-long professional immersion

in UN programs, non-governmental organizations

(NGOs) accredited to the United Nations, and

permanent missions of Member States.

Join the International Studies program at

MMC today and become one of tomorrow’s

global leaders and innovators.


This is a selection of recent student internships and

graduate job placements:


ABC News


Clinton Global Initiative


Council on Foreign Relations


Fair Trade USA


Goldman Sachs


Human Rights Watch




International Division of NYC


International Rescue Committee


Office of Senator Charles E. Schumer


Peace Corps


Red Cross


Roosevelt Center


The Ford Foundation


United Nations


United States Foreign Service


United States Department of State


World Policy Institute

“A few of my professors used to work directly

for the United Nations, and I attended two

conferences there myself with them. Every

day I spent in class at MMC was truly an

eye-opening learning experience, and I

found my worldview challenged constantly.

Our professors in the International Studies

department are creative, smart, and worldclass

educators. If asked to do it over again,

I would absolutely still choose Marymount

Manhattan College.”

— Joseph Liner ’13


Philosophy and Religious Studies

Students and scholars of philosophy and religious

studies are not satisfied with easy answers, or

easy questions for that matter. As a Philosophy

and Religious Studies major, you will read and

confront challenging texts, from Socrates to Kant,

Augustine to the Bhagavad Gita. You will gain

the ability to process and comprehend complex

information; examine and analyze arguments,

beliefs, actions, and practices using sophisticated

theoretical models; and to critically evaluate

different positions and perspectives.

We teach you how to think outside the box of

standard training and pre-professional tracks

and to express yourself, debate, discuss, and

write clearly and effectively. These skills are

in great demand by employers and graduate

schools. Recent majors in the program at

MMC have gone on to advanced study and

jobs in education, advocacy, writing, business,

law, and public policy, among others. Our

program lays the foundation for both

personal growth and professional success.

“Law school is quite intense. However, because of my professors and the

philosophy department and MMC, I am way better prepared than most of my

classmates who went to other schools. I earned an A- on my first law school

exam, and I don’t believe it could have happened if it weren’t for the philosophy

department. For that I am forever indebted.”

— Alanna Kearney ’12

Top Graduate

School Admission

Marymount Manhattan College humanities and social science students have been admitted to

some of the top graduate schools in the world, including:


American University


Columbia University


Georgetown University


Johns Hopkins University


London School of



New York University


Oxford University


Princeton University


The Geneva School of

International Relations and



Tufts University


University College Dublin


University of Amsterdam


University of California,



University of Edinburgh


University of Wisconsin,



Villanova Law School


Williams Graduate



This is a selection of recent internships and graduate

job placements:


CBS Records


Corbin & Lever Law Firm


Evangelical Lutheran Church


Network for Peace through Dialogue


Odyssey Networks




Ministry of Defense, SingaporeStance







“My favorite thing about the the Department of History,

Philosophy and Religious Studies is that the professors

motivate us and make us truly care about what we are

learning. My professors care about me as a person

and what happens to me after I graduate from MMC.

I would recommend this major to everyone. I learned

about the importance of studying philosophy and how it

is embedded in all other aspects of education. Studying

philosophy helped me better understand what I learned

in all of my other classes. With a philosophy degree you

can go to graduate school for absolutely anything, which

is appealing since many people change their minds about

what they want to do with their lives. Studying philosophy

opens the door for pursuing any career.”

— Jenna Ventola ’14


MMC’s program in Politics and Human Rights

(PHR) is designed to give future leaders the

tools to examine the political landscape and

understand the connection between politics

and culture, as they prepare to become

change agents.

Gain analytical and practical skills through

experiential learning, innovative curriculum,

and close relationships with faculty. Your

excursions in the city, faculty-led travel

“Marymount Manhattan College was wonderful in varied ways.

Small class sizes enabled my close relationships with professors and

allowed me to dig into political theory and history while connecting

it to the issues that concern me most. Professors encouraged me to

follow my passions, leading me to obtaining the Jeanette K. Watson

Fellowship. And then, of course, there was the small matter of living

in New York City. I was simultaneously part of a small, vibrant and

engaged community at college while also being part of larger

communities in New York. I loved every minute of it.”

— Alex Kane ’11

Politics and

Human Rights

experiences, and well-placed internships will

get you out of the classroom and into direct

contact with the people and forces that

shape our world.

As a result of their preparation at MMC,

PHR majors are ready for graduate study

and careers in government, law, local

and international nonprofits, and the

private sector.


This is a selection of recent internships and graduate

job placements:


Brooklyn Defender Services,

Family Defense Practice


Center for Migration Studies of New York


New York City Council


Council on Foreign Relations


Hoboken University Medical Center


Institute for War and Peace Reporting


Institute of International Education


International Peace Institute




National and local political campaigns


New York City Department of Cultural Affairs


New York Civil Liberties Union


New York State Department of Children

and Family Services


Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office


Manhattan Borough President’s Office


Planned Parenthood


Shields for Families


The True Colors Fund


Urban Justice Center



Faculty Center, 3 rd Floor

221 East 71 st Street, New York, NY 10021

Phone: 646-393-4111


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