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Vol. 1 No. 17


1947-1948 Isidro Vamenta

1948-1949 Isidro Vamenta

1949-1950 Hernando Pineda

1950-1951 Hernando Pineda

1951-1952 Glicerio Floirendo

1952-1953 Hernando Pineda

1953-1954 Johnny Paraiso

1954-1955 Ernesto Tamparong

1955-1956 Nemesio Chaves

1956-1957 Rizal Ortega

1957-1958 Emilio Dayrit

1958-1959 Wadhu Dharamdas

1959-1960 Jesus Larrabaster

1960-1961 Henry Canoy / Climaco Mosqueda

1961-1962 Jesus Larrabaster

1962-1963 Delfin Rabe

1963-1964 Pablo Reyes

1964-1965 Jose Palacio

1965-1966 Briccio Tamparong

1966-1967 Plutarico Velez

1967-1968 Francisco Velez

1968-1969 Dante Sarraga

1969-1970 Miguel Siojo

1970-1971 Rene Fruto

1971-1972 Roberto Nery

1972-1973 Angel Quimpo

1973-1974 Perfecto Casino

1974-1975 Mario Nery / Nestor Fernandez

1975-1976 Casimiro Tamparong

1976-1977 Phil Balan

1977-1978 Benjamin Gorospe

1978-1979 Antonio Valoria / Nazar Chavez

1979-1980 Manuel Samson

1980-1981 Nazar Chaves

1981-1982 Corazon Cid

1982-1983 Jesus Dingcong

1983-1984 Miguel Goking

1984-1985 Marciano Barrera

1985-1986 Salvador Caragos

1986-1987 Pablo Paras

1987-1988 Leo Mabulay

1988-1989 Manuel Aberilla

1989-1990 Stephen Gaisano

1990-1991 Primitivo Bella

1991-1992 Cesilo Adaza

1992-1993 Wenifredo Yancha

1993-1994 Manuel Arceno/Constantino Jaraula

1994-1995 Francisco Sarraga

1995-1996 Constantino Jaraula

1996-1997 Gabriel Evangelista

1997-1998 Jose Gonzaga

1998-1999 Carlos Gorospe

1999-2000 William Walter

2000-2001 Vic Cinco

2001-2002 Raymund Talimo

2002-2003 Carlo Romero

2003-2004 Antonio Soriano

2004-2005 Samson Blanco

2005-2006 Manuel Alinabon

2006-2007 John Mark Sarraga

2007-2008 Edgardo Melchor Palad

2008-2009 Ricardo Gabaon

2009-2010 Manuel Along

2010-2011 Dietmar Schug

2011-2012 Ian Mark Nacaya

2012-2013 Marillo Paano

2013-2014 Ferdinand Bernasor

2014-2015 Luigi Sarraga

2015-2016 Cris Parojinog

2016-2017 Dufel Lagrosas

























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World Pneumonia Day 17

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Editorial Staff



Contributors & Members

Pres. Tonyboy Fernandez

PAG John Mark Sarraga

ANN Pres. Angelie Mae Dael

Sec. Neil Que

Dir Leony Quicoy

Dir. Gus Rodano

PD Nasali Cornelio Silava

RTN. Rey Lomarda

Email Editor:


Lord, as we gather today at this meeting we

ask that You will be in our midst. Help us to

make decisions that will be pleasing to You.

Help us to be able to discuss the matters at

hand in a reasonable way, and to be willing

to give up having our own way.

God let this meeting be productive and, as

should be the case in all areas of our lives,

help us to keep You at the forefront of our

minds as we do the work set before us.




President Ian H.S. Riseley


n many ways, The Rotary Foundation

is an invisible presence in our

clubs. Most of what we do in our

clubs and our districts, on a weekly basis,

we do without the active involvement

of the Foundation. But our Foundation

is invisible in our clubs in the

same way the foundation of a building is

invisible when you're in it: Just because

you don't see it doesn't mean it's not

holding you up.

The Foundation that enabled Rotary to

take on polio is, in many ways, the

foundation upon which our Rotary service

is built. For 100 years, since it

came into existence with a first donation

of $26.50, the Foundation has supported

and strengthened our service, enabled

our ambitions, and allowed us to

be the organization that we are. Because

of the Foundation, Rotarians

know that if we have the ambition and

put in the work, very little is truly beyond


It is an incredibly effective model that

we have here in Rotary, one that no

other organization can match. We are

completely local and completely global:

We have local skills, connections, and

knowledge in over 35,000 clubs, in

nearly every country of the world. We

have a deserved reputation for transparency,

effectiveness, and good business

practices, and because we are

highly skilled professionals as well as

volunteers, we achieve a level of efficiency

that very few other organizations

can approach.

To put it simply, a dollar given to The

Rotary Foundation has a great deal

more muscle than a dollar given to most

charities. If you want to spend a dollar

on Doing Good in the World, you can't

do better than to spend it with the

Foundation. That is not just me speaking

out of pride; it is verifiably true and

is reflected in our rankings by independent


In the Foundation's centennial year,

Rotarians surpassed our goal of raising

$300 million. If you were part of that

achievement, you have been part of

something tremendous. Somewhere in

the world, someplace you have probably

never been, people you may never meet

will lead better lives because of you.

Ultimately, it is our Foundation that lets

us make good on our core beliefs: that

we can make a difference, that we have

an obligation to do so, and that working

together, as well and as efficiently as

we can, is the only way to effect real

and lasting change.



President Tonyboy Fernandez


ince the start of this Rotary year

2017-2018 , it was only last week

that I did not do anything for Rotary

. I have to admit , I was surprised

and I missed the never ending phone

calls , meetings , activities and planning

for the next activity. But it also gave me

time to contemplate on what is lacking

in the chapter this year. FELLOWSHIP! I

feel that it cannot be all work and No

Play. I hope you all agree with me on

this aspect. So this month and next

month , I hope we can do justice to FEL-

LOWSHIP and hope you join us in these

activities . Let’s enjoy the remainder of

the year.

With that said and done , I would like to

remind you of our up and coming Fund

Raiser , “ Justice League “ which will be

shown on it’s premiere date , November

16,2018. I would like to congratulate in

advance the committee headed by Dir

Leony Quicoy for the Rotarians and Ann

Treasurer Pam Valencia with Ann PP

Juvy Sarraga for the Rotary Anns. It is

also to note that PD Tito Mora has sold

more than a hundred tickets as an effort

to help the Club. And of course to all the

Rotarians and Rotary Anns who helped

get the sponsors . Thank you very much.

Now , it is or duty to collect and wait for

the movie to be shown. Wow , Congratulations

to all and Thank you Lord!

We already have a Boy’s Town project

chairman in new Rotarian Jim Casino. I

hope we can support him with our giving

hearts and presence during the activity.

We are thinking of placing the date on

December 16 (Tentative ) to give us

time to relax and enjoy the holidays with

or family being the last activity for the

year. But we will keep you posted as

soon as Rtn. Jim can give us more details.

Gov. Linda Deleste has also informed us

that for those who are interested to join

the Rotary International Convention in

Toronto , June 2018 , you have up to

December 30,2017 to avail of the USD $

345.00 registration fee. After this date ,

the registration fee will go up to USD

$465. She also sent a link ,

www.philippines.gc.ca for the Canadian

visa requirements and a note that you

should be registered first before applying

for a Canadian visa.

Again, The Rotary Foundation is reminding

each one of youv for your support. It

is P52 = $1 for us effective Nov. 1,

2017. Thank you.


Secretary Neil Ronard J. Que


ith the busy season suddenly

upon us, we would like to

thank all RCCDO members for

their continued support and attendance

in the club regular meetings and activities.

The long weekend was a blessing in that

it allowed us quality moments with our

dearly beloved. But before that Four

Rotarians led by PDG Manny Along and

President Tonyboy Fernandez participated

in the District Polio Walk Project on

the morning of October 21, 2017. Rtn.

Jimmy Casiño even took the chance and

brought along his two sons to introduce

them to the Rotary Way.


BIRTHDAYS (Oct. 29– Nov.







Nov. 11)


We would like to remind everyone

about our coming Justice

League Movie Premiere. We

invite everyone to support

through attendance or in helping

increase our proceeds

through ticket sales and sponsorships.

Thank you very much






The Rotary Foundation is the best

steward for your money

Source: Rotary,org


n 2016, The Rotary Foundation received

the highest possible score

from Charity Navigator – 100 of 100

points – for its strong financial health

and commitment to accountability and


It was the ninth straight year the Foundation

earned a four-star rating from

the independent evaluator of charities

across the U.S., a distinction only 1 percent

of charities have attained.

These organizations agree: When you

donate to The Rotary Foundation, you’re

investing wisely. We followed your money

from start to finish to discover how

the Foundation ensures that your gift

makes an impact for years to come.

Directing your donation

There’s a reason Rotarians donate to

The Rotary Foundation: It’s a simple way

to achieve your philanthropic goals –

whether it’s supporting clean water, the

eradication of polio, or a particular global


The Association of Fundraising Professionals

likewise named the Foundation

the World’s Outstanding Foundation for

2016, an award previously given to other

familiar names such as Kellogg and


“Even the smallest of gifts can be donated

to a specific fund – a global grant,

polio, or an area of focus within the

World Fund,” says April Jensen, a member

of the Rotary Club of Evanston, Illinois,

USA, who works in fund development

for the Foundation. You can also

leave your gift unrestricted so that the

Foundation has the flexibility to use the

money where it is needed most.

Do you ever wish you could set up a

scholarship or your own family’s foundation

but don’t want the headache of administering

it? Let The Rotary Foundation

handle it. When you make a gift

over $25,000, you will receive personalized

reports detailing the projects you

are supporting. You can make your gift

in the way that suits your financial situation

best – such as cash, stocks, or bequests.

Investing your money



In 2015-16, 91 percent of the money

the Foundation spent went to programs

and grants, with only 9 percent of expenses

going toward administration.

How does the Foundation make sure

that the bulk of your donation supports

the sustainable programs you want it


“To ensure that the funds for the project

are there when needed,” says past

Rotary International President Ron D.

Burton, chair of the Foundation’s Investment

Committee, “all contributions

to the Foundation’s Annual Fund are

invested for three years.”

The Investment Committee includes

three Foundation trustees and six Rotarians

who are professionals in the

field, who make sure that your money

is invested responsibly during this period.

When the three years is up, the investment

earnings on your gift go toward

the operating expenses of the Foundation.

“I don’t know of any other organization

like ours that has a system like this,”

Jensen says. “It’s brilliant.”

Your principal is split 50/50, with half

going to your District Designated Fund

and half going into the World Fund, a

pool that the Trustees of The Rotary

Foundation use to match grants where

they are most needed.

Awarding grants

When the Foundation awards a grant to

fund a project, how does it ensure that

your money will have lasting impact?

“Sustainability begins with the community

assessment,” explains Philip J. Silvers,

a past RI director and chair of the Foundation’s

Cadre of Technical Advisers.

Before Rotarians design projects, they

talk to people in the community – fathers,

mothers, children, elders, political

leaders – to understand the broader context

behind what the community needs.

“Then whatever project emerges, the

community can see their fingerprints on

it,” he says. “It’s not buy-in you want.

We all know about buyer’s remorse.

What we really want is community ownership

right from the beginning.”

Continued, FOUNDATION, p. 17


By ANN President Angelie Mae Dael


t is time for the monthly General

Membership Meeting after the Rotary

Anns decided to push it one week

forward to give us time to visit our dearly

departed for the All Souls’ Day (which

coincided on the first Thursday of November).

For the past weeks we have focused

time and energy to our joint major fund

raising event, the block screening of the

movie blockbuster, The Justice League.

This will happen at Cinema 1 of Limketkai

Mall on November 16, Thursday. As

a joint undertaking with our Rotarians,

we picked the cinema with the biggest

seating capacity of 628. Being an expected

blockbuster for 2017, it comes to

no surprise that there are other civic

and non-civic organizations who are also

organizing their block movie screening

on the same day. It has been a race to

get sponsors, and sell our tickets in advance

and we are very pleased at the

turn-out of the help that poured in.

This early, may I thank those who

helped put together this fund-raiser.

First, my utmost gratitude to those who

zealously solicited for our sponsors. We

now have a long list of major and minor

sponsors, plus our patrons. Second, I

also thank wholeheartedly those among

us who put forward their businesses as

our sponsors, and those who personally

volunteered to be sponsors too. Third, I

also convey my deepest appreciation to

those who promoted our block movie

screening to their friends and family and

those who sold tickets in advance. God

willing that all goes well with our collection,

we will be assured of funds for our

future projects from this fund raising


This has been a collective effort and we

are blessed to have the vibrant three

ladies who head the Justice League

steering committee – Treasurer Pam

Valencia as Project Chairperson, and PP

Juvy Sarraga and Director En-En Juarez

as Co-Chairpersons.

We are into the final stretch of the preparations

with a week to go for D-Day.

We may be asking help for the snacks

and raffle stations and we shall discuss

this thoroughly during our GMM.

We are positive about this endeavor and

feel God’s guidance and blessing.

Please pray with us that everything falls

into place, and that we joyfully put our

energies together to make this happen.

During our GMM, we shall reveal the

dates for our November Fellowship, the

annual Gift-Giving for Boys Town, and

the Christmas Party of RC CDO. Hopefully,

we shall also be able to hold the

2nd Gift of Sight Project this November.




hat does it take to be voted the

best employer in the world?

Maybe it is allowing staff to

take a nap during the working day,

as Google does at its London office.

Google’s parent company Alphabet is the

best employer in the world, according to

data compiled by Statista and Forbes on

the best publically listed companies to

work for.

Perks of the job at Google include offices

with slides and as much gourmet food,

smoothies and coffee as you want to eat

and drink.

However, while these fringe benefits

grab the headlines, studies show that

what employees really value

most is pay, prospects, feeling

respected, trust and having

strong relationships with colleagues.

they are familiar with.

Alphabet came top with a perfect score

of 100, with employees citing the company’s

image, working conditions and

diversity as the reasons for its top rating.

It is closely followed by Silicon Valley

rival Microsoft with a score of 98.85,

and in total four of the top 10 employers

were US tech firms: Apple was in

fourth place, and IBM eighth.

Six of the top 10 employers are from

the US, two from Asia and two from


Continued, EMPLOYERS, p.17

Statista analysed more than

360,000 recommendations for

a listed company as an employer.

In order to evaluate

companies as a top employer,

employees were asked to rate

their own employer internally

as well as to say how likely

they would be to recommend

other employers in industries





World Pneumonia Day

WPD is on 12 November 2017.


orld Pneumonia Day brings

people from all over the world

together uniting to demand

that something be done to fight the

pneumonia illness. World Pneumonia

Day helps to highlight the severity of

pneumonia and encourages more organizations

to look at ways of combating

the disease. This day was first hosted in

2009 when over 100 organizations

joined to form the Global Coalition

against Child Pneumonia. It's marked

every year on 12 November to:

Raise awareness about pneumonia, the

world’s leading killer of children under

the age of five;

Promote interventions to protect against,

prevent and treat pneumonia; and Generate

action to combat pneumonia.

Pneumonia is one of the most solvable

problems in global health and yet a child

dies from the infection every 20 seconds.

Together we can ensure the fight

against pneumonia is won.

FOUNDATION, from p. 11

Six elements of sustainability must be

addressed in the design of a global grant

project: start with the community, encourage

local ownership, provide training,

buy local, find local funding, and

measure your success.

These ensure that the project provides

long-term solutions that the community

itself can support after the grant ends.

Project sponsors don’t have to figure out

all this on their own. The Rotary Foundation

provides staff to help with your project

design – grant officers are knowledgeable

about regional and cultural

issues, and area of focus managers have

significant field experience in their specialties.

By connecting clubs with local and regional

experts for guidance on developing

sustainable, large-scale global grants

early in the planning process, Rotary is

committed to funding projects with lasting

impact in communities.

Your district’s international service chair,

a Rotarian appointed by your district

governor, can help you connect with a

network of local Rotarian experts – such

as members of Rotarian Action Groups,

Rotaractors, and peace fellows and other

alumni – who have volunteered to help

with projects and global grant planning.

EMPLOYERS, from p. 14

Third-placed Japan Exchange Group is

rated highly by its employees thanks to

its strong commitment to training and

flexible working: in addition to internal

training it pays annual tuition fees of up

to $2,700 for each employee to study for

a qualification; and 100% of its female

employees return to work after maternity

leave thanks to Japan Exchange

Group paying for childcare and offering

staggered working hours.

Japan Exchange Group is one of 22 financial

services companies to feature in

Statista and Forbes’ top 500 employers,

and just one of two in the top 10: the

other is Sweden’s Investor AB, which

came ninth with a score of 87.74.




he Rotary Foundation was born

as an endowment fund in 1917,

the brainchild of RI

President Arch C. Klumph.

It was reborn 12 years

later in the form we know

today, The Rotary Foundation

of Rotary international.

However, it wouldn't

be until after the passing

of Paul P. Harris in

1947 that TRF would

reach the financial health

and world importance

that it enjoys today.

Technically speaking, it is

a not-for-profit corporation

that supports the

efforts of Rotary International

to achieve world

understanding and peace

through international humanitarian,


and cultural exchange programs. It is

supported solely by voluntary contributions

from Rotarians and friends of the

Foundation who share its vision of a better


RI President Arch Klumph

Its expenses are borne solely by the interest

earned on its contributions over a


three year period. As an endowment

fund for Rotary "to do good in the

world," its initial contribution was US

$26.50 in 1918. When it became The

Rotary Foundation in 1928, it had a

value of US $5,739.07. In the most

recent year that we have complete figures,

the Foundation had more than US

$73 million contributed in 2000-01.

But, that's not what The Rotary Foundation

is all about. Its event-filled 85

years has been a story of Rotarians

learning the value of service to humanity,

and the citizens of the earth benefiting

from that service.

The Humanitarian Programs

of the foundation

help fuel international Rotary

projects to improve the

quality of life, providing

health care, clean water,

food, education, and other

essential needs primarily

in the developing world.

A major Humanitarian Program

is PolioPlus, which

seeks to eradicate the polio

virus worldwide by Rotary's

100th birthday in

2005. Through its Educational

Programs, the Foundation

provides funding for

some 1,200 students to

study abroad each year.

Grants are also awarded to university

teachers to teach in developing countries

and for exchanges of business and

professional people. Even its former

participants in the Foundation's programs

can continue their affiliation with

Rotary as Foundation Alumni.



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