17th November

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Friday 17th November 2017


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Operation Christmas Child:

The shoeboxes are in!

House Captains Announced!

King’s House captains were recently voted for democratically in their houses.

The role of the House Captain involves standing up during assembly to celebrate the

achievements of those in students in their house for academic and extra-curricular activities.

They are to give permission to house members to leave the dinner table at lunch time

and participate in whole school presentations such as the recent anti-bullying campaign

that King’s have been involved with this week.

Year 7 House Captains

Thomas Shankland

Katie Peters

Charlie Fletcher

Thomas Burrows

Jasmine Addison

7 Hanover

7 Hanover (Vice)

7 York

7 Windsor

7 Windsor (Vice)

Joe Walsh

Rhiannon Williams

Millie Addison

Jibril Muse

7 Tudor

7 Tudor

7 Normandy

7 Normandy (Vice)

Year 8 House Captains

Freddie Didd 8 Hanover

Daisy Bellis 8 York

Eleanor Harper-Garnett 8


Jaden Carroll 8 Windsor

Charlie Lightfoot 8 Windsor (Vice)

Emma Bright 8 Tudor

Samuel Oakes 8 Tudor

Kian Dale 8 Normandy

Year 9 House Captains

Billy Slater 8 Normandy (Vice)

Jenny Metcalfe 9 Hanover

Quillan Owen 9 Hanover (Vice)

Mazie Burnett 9 York

Kane Hackett 9 Windsor

Olivia Coady 9 Tudor

Alisha Hollowell 9 Tudor (Vice)

Leah Allen 9 Normandy

Year 10 House Captains

Theo Crozier 10 Hanover

Hannah Dobson 10 York

Louise Walker 10 Windsor

Rhys Berry 10 Tudor

Emily Sankey 10 Normandy

Elle Edwards 10 Normandy (Vice)

Year 11 House Captains

Sophie Worsley 11 Hanover

Sam Shorrock 11 York Madgey Thompson 11

Ben Nolan 11 Tudor

David McKay 11 Normandy

At school I had a flight path but it was always changing. I originally

thought about being a doctor and going into medicine and put a lot

of work into that process. However I changed it weeks before

submitting my UCAS form to become a mechanical engineer. This

was an incredibly difficult decision to make at the time and having

someone at school to help me through this process would have

been invaluable, but this wasn’t available and left me very isolated

to come to a conclusion. I think that having a clear, concise flight

path is an incredible guiding tool that everyone should have.

So many things! Books, movies, TV shows, lectures, the list goes

on. I love to draw inspiration from as many places as possible.

One of the most important for me though is people. One of the

most inspiring things in life (for me) is to hear somebody talk

about a topic they are passionate about, absorbing their glow of

information and reflecting on my own personal views on the topic

is very inspiring.

I play field hockey outside of school and am looking to set up a

hockey team for the school. I train for 4 hours on a Thursday with

games at the weekend. I have played non-stop since I was 11 and

love the game. Having represented both my county and region in

the junior teams. I now play at Brooklands Hockey club, the best

team in the North of England, who I have recently joined in the

hopes to push my game to the top tier available in England.

Over the summer I had a minor role in a Bollywood movie which

was an incredible experience. Seeing the inner workings of a

movie set was surreal and a lifelong dream of mine. So getting the

opportunity was unbelievable. I had the part of an Argentinian

hockey player in the film “Gold” which is set to be released next


Tough decision but I would say it was completing the national 3

peaks this summer (which involves climbing the highest peak in

England, Scotland and Wales in 24 hours). The year before one of

my best friends took his own life after a long battle against

depression. This was the most heartbreaking thing that my

friendship group and I have ever had to deal with and something

that we want to help prevent others from having to experience.

Therefore I decided to organise the national 3 peaks challenge in

his honour. We raised just over £7,600 to be split between 3

mental health charities (Young Minds, CALM and OTR Bristol).

10 of us attempted the complete challenge and a large group of

friends and family joined us for the last peak. It was an intense 24

hours that was physically, mentally and emotionally challenging.

However that sense of accomplishment was incredible and

something that will live with me and my friends forever.

The ASPIRE values and the classroom atmosphere was an

instant attraction when I was doing my initial research of the

school. They fit very closely with my own thoughts on education.

The idea that everyone has the capability to achieve whatever

they set their mind to no matter their background. Similarly, it is a

teaching orientated school; there is a large focus on the quality of

lessons not assessment results. Assessment results will follow if

the teaching is right.

Any time that I get to teach. I am really enjoying teaching lessons

and, hopefully, spreading my passion for physics with the


Most definitely, I learn almost everyday. Specific examples would

include: the crib sheet way of marking.

What’s Different from King’s High

School to King’s Sixth Form

By Mia Maffeo, Sixth Form Student

During High School we had very strict rules in which some of the following rules were included:

Not allowed your phone out at any time of the day

Hair was to be tied up at all times

No makeup at anytime

Had to recite the mantra at the beginning of the lesson

Line-up at the end of break

Participate in Leader of the Day

Lessons throughout the day

King’s Sixth Form has given me many more opportunities and freedom which allows me to

become more independent. For example now we are allowed:

Use of our phones at break and lunch times

Hair down

Natural looking makeup

Not having to recite the mantra

Not having to participate in line-up at the end of break or lunch

Not having to participate in Leader of the Day

Having 2 or more free periods to complete any missed work

These opportunities have ensured that my transition has allowed me to become more

independent and also to make sure that my time management is more accurate.

Furthermore, a few things have indeed stayed the same for example:

Making sure that we follow and maintain the ASPIRE code

Teaching Staff

Remained a small, close year group

These are also a great contribution as they allow us to feel comfortable within King’s Sixth


My Move

By William Greenall, Sixth Form Student

Coming from a different place is an experience which I have had twice in my life

already, once in high school and again in coming to King’s and that I will hopefully

encounter again in making the transition to university.

However, by far my move from Preston to Warrington King’s was the easiest change

that I have ever made. From my past experiences, I expected the move to King’s to be

one of awkwardly making conversation for the first few weeks. But I was massively

mistaken. Before the first day, by attending a revision session I had managed to talk to

people and already I was comfortable in the environment.

On the first days of attending King’s Sixth Form, we took part in a residential, this was

a huge opportunity for me as it got me talking to the people around me and before long

I had a good group of mates that I was comfortable with.

Within the first week, I had my confidence back and I was comfortable talking to

everyone within the school. Moving here was by far the easiest change, I’ve gone from

the voice in the crowd that wasn’t heard to the Head of Sixth Form. A huge transition

for who I am. I feel King’s can present me with the best opportunities. The choice to

come here rather than to stay on at Hutton was an easy one.

Here at King’s I have been presented with the chance to study subjects that I really

want to do, even if it may cost the school time and resources. For example, I was able

to do computer science even though it was just me who was showing an interest in it.

Already through the year, I have been sent opportunities for work experience, showing

the school has gone out of it’s way to present me with the best chances. This was a

big policy for me in my speech for becoming Head Boy.

I feel this school has presented me with the best chance that I could have got in order

to achieve the goals that I want in life. I really feel I can flourish here.

Anti-Bullying Week in England is coordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and this year takes place from

the 13th-17th November.

Anti-Bullying Week shines a spotlight on bullying and encourages all children, teachers and parents to take

action against bullying throughout the year.

The theme this year is ‘Power for Good’ with the following key aims:

To support children and young people to use their Power for Good – by understanding the ways in which

they are powerful and encouraging individual and collective action to stop bullying and create the best

world possible.

To help parents and carers to use their Power for Good– through supporting children with issues relating

to bullying and working together with schools to stop bullying.

To encourage all teachers, school support staff and youth workers to use their Power for Good - by

valuing the difference they can make in a child’s life, and taking individual and collective action to prevent

bullying and create safe environments where children can thrive.

As part of Anti-Bullying week King’s have also been raising money for SASSY- if you are in year 8-11 you will

probably remember Adrian Darbyshire, who came and gave a talk about his experience of how bullying

affected him and how it devastatingly took the life of his daughter.

With this year being about difference and equality, we also want to raise awareness of the LGBT

community. To do this we are using our RAINBOW SOCK CHALLENGE. To donate socks, you

will need to donate a £1. We want as many colourful socks as possible. On Friday 16th November

all years will come together as Houses (e.g. 7,8,9,10,11 Windsor) and the competition will start on

the 3D pitch where as houses you will work together to create the best colourful washing line of

socks. The aim of collecting socks is based on the idea that every one is different (like socks are!)

and it’s OK! We then want to use these socks in a colourful display in school to help remind

ourselves about our differences and allowing us to understand how equality in our school and the

world is essential for everyone in order to have a fair and peaceful society.

There will be much more on Anti-bullying week in the next newsletter!

All Different, All Equal

At King's we aspire to not only achieve, but also ensure that all students regardless of race, religion, gender or

ethnicity are treated equally. This is why this year's anti-bullying campaign - All Different, All Equal is extremely

important. During this week, our amazing pastoral team along with many house captains and enthusiastic

students, have been working really hard to encourage others to celebrate their differences. Understanding

individual uniqueness encourages every student to feel that they are included in school, and are able to be

themselves without fear of bullying. With this in mind, I challenged some of my students to a poetry

competition where the theme was embracing differences. I rewarded each student with 50 monarchs as I was

so impressed by their efforts in creativity and how powerful their messages were. A selection of my

favourites are below - I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did!

Poem by Thomas Fairbanks, 9 Tudor

People say I am weird,

By lots of people I am feared.

My art work is always smeared,

By bullies who laughed and cheered.

For bullying me when ever they neared.

For me, bullying is pointless,

Making someone feel sad is mean.

It lowers my self-esteem.

Our differences should all be seen.

Poem by Chloe Jones, 9 Tudor

Everyone is unique,

Everyone is different,

We should all be able to accept this

But somehow as a society we can’t

Does it really matter that she’s a lesbian?

Does it matter that he is gay?

Does it matter that they don’t live with their birth parents?

Does it really bother you that much, how they’re not as fortunate

as you?

You make my life a living hell

Poem by Abigail Hampson, 9 Tudor

I'm different , so why do you care,

I'm different . No one is the same.

We're all different , we're not weak,

We're different , we're all unique.

You're different to me, it is not a mistake,

You were made this way.

We can't help who we are,

It is what's inside us that counts.

Whether we're nice , mean or a mystery ,

Whether we know ourselves inside and out .

It doesn't matter what is on the outside,

even though we're different, we're all alike.

You hurt me physically

And you hurt me emotionally

I feel isolated and alone regularly.

I’ve never cried myself to sleep so much

Why don’t you care?

I was so happy before you damaged me.

But now I have depression

And now I have therapy

I now have no friends, because you turned them all against me.

Are you happy now? Did you get what you wanted?

I’m glad my heartbreak could entertain you.

Please take my poem on board and help to stop bullying for good,

because everybody deserves to live a happy life.

Poem by Bethany Rowlinson, 9 Tudor

Poem by Olivia Coady, 9 Tudor House Captain

All different, all equal in everyway way

And we embrace this gift everyday

From places of birth to coloured hair

Differences can be found anywhere

For example my form are different to you

From Lily's eyes green and Luke's eyes blue

We all have different passions that we like to do

Ashton likes art and Alfie likes football

Tom's quite small and Zain's quite tall

Sam's good at maths and Abi is good at dance

Try and think of a difference you have if you get a chance

Mckenzie likes computers and Mia is great at sport

Miss Nophakhun likes baking for charity, not shop bought

Olivia H was born in Warrington and Ellie was born in Greece

Alisha sells her drawings and raises money for world peace

Hanna laughs loud and Kane plays tennis on the court

Alisha makes everyone smile and Izzy will always support

Chloe makes amazing cakes and Beth wears glasses

Luke S and Oliver are good at sports and always have great passes

Mollie likes to listen to music and I like to play netball

Your differences are what makes you you!

We are all different and you are too.

I'm different because no one is the same,

I'm different because I am me,

I'm different because I am unique,

I'm different because of my personality,

I'm different because I'm funny and kind,

I'm different because I speak the truth,

I'm different because I have a very weird laugh,

I'm different because no one is the same,

I'm different because I am me,

I'm different because I am unique,

I'm different because I am loyal,

I'm different because I am a good friend,

I'm different because I am trustworthy,

I'm different because I am always there for anyone,

I'm different because no one is the same,

I'm different because I am me,

I'm different because I am unique,

I'm different because I have a crazy sister,

I'm different because she has far to many blond moments,

I'm different because I have a mental puppy,

I'm differnet because he is so energetic,

I'm different because no one is the same,

I'm different because I am me,

I'm different because I am unique,

I'm different because I have amazing friends,

I'm different because we can laugh and cry together,

I'm different because I can be myself around them,

I'm different because I finally have friends that listen,

I'm different because no one is the same,

I'm different because I am me,

I'm different because I am unique,

I'm different because I am not perfect,

I'm different because I make mistakes,

I'm different because I try not to have regrets,

I'm different because I only have dreams,

I'm different because no one is the same,

I'm different because I am me,

I'm different because I am unique.

Year 11 Geography Trip to

North Wales

On Wednesday 8th and Thursday 9th November, 70 Year 11 Geography students took a trip to North

Wales to conduct a fieldwork investigation which is required for their GCSE Paper 3 examination. The

aim of the day was for students to undertake both physical and human geographical fieldwork and

develop their practical investigation skills. In the morning, students investigated the changes of the

Afon Conway river by measuring changes in channel characteristics, such as the river width and

velocity. In the afternoon, students visited the small tourist town of Llanwrst where they considered

the impacts of flooding on the town and observed what can be done to manage a river where

flooding is likely to occur.

Overall both students and staff had a thoroughly enjoyable time and the pupils were a huge credit to

the school, showing excellent leadership and professionalism throughout the day, despite freezing


The shoeboxes are in!

We can now reveal that the generous students and staff at King's worked as a team to put

together an incredible 154 shoeboxes in total for children around the world - that's more than 5

on average per form! Each box was filled with toiletries, clothes, stationery and toys and many

students included letters and even photos of themselves to show the recipients who it was who

put their box together for them.

As an added incentive there was a prize on offer for the form that put together the most boxes

and this certainly got the competitive spirit going between a few classrooms! Miss Brett's sixth

form class put together a fantastic 30 boxes between them while Miss Nophakhun's form

managed a whopping 20 boxes! Both these forms will be receiving something to say a special

thank you to them all for their endeavour and kind generosity. A huge well done and a massive

thank you however goes to everyone who contributed to this great initiative - it really does make

a difference to each and every person who receives a present, especially those who have never

received one before!

Mr Robinson helping out packing shoeboxes!

Mr Walker and Sixth Form student Chloe Howard with all of the

shoeboxes ready to go!

The boxes will spend a couple of days in the school atrium before they are collected by

Samaritan's Purse, the international organisation responsible for the collection and distribution

of the thousands of shoeboxes made throughout the world. It is wonderful to see just how much

effort people have put into these gifts for those who have far less than they do and we are

proud to be able to share what everyone has been doing for the last few weeks!

Again, well done everyone and don't forget to keep thinking of others as we continue into the

Christmas season!

Bike & Road Safety

This is just a gentle reminder about the

importance of bicycle safety. Please may we

encourage all students to purchase a light for

their bikes and a helmet to ensure safety when

riding your bikes to and from school.

Below is a link to a website which gives clear

instructions on how to ride a bike safely. In

addition, please ensure you are riding your

bicycle in a professional manner when on the

school premises, as well as when you are riding

in the local community.


Mr Humphries and Mr Wright would also like to remind

parents/carers who are picking students up from the

school entrance at the end of the day that the speed

limit is 5mph and there is a one-way system.

Many Thanks

Benjamin Parton

received £20 Love 2

Shop vouchers for

100% attendance

during Learning Cycle

1. This was generated

through the attendance

draw and was a

roll over amount.


Dayon Sambou

received the award

for the student with

the most ATL 1s during

Learning Cycle 1!

This was presented

during the praise










Beat the


Anti-bullying Week

During 'Beat the Teacher'

activity Miss Aldridge was

beaten by Ellie Hughes in

Year 8. She won with a

massive 17 netball shots in


Well Done Ellie!









On Wednesday afternoon Miss

Hannah’s entrepreneurial enrichment

group spent the afternoon making

pizzas to sell for profit.

The enrichment group is designed to

teach pupils all about logistical

thinking and money management.

All profits generated will be donated

to Alder Hey Children's Hospital.















Rugby League High School of the Year

On Saturday 11th November, the PE department attended the Warrington Wolves

Community Man of Steel awards at the Halliwell Jones Stadium.

King's were nominated for the High school of the Year Award, whilst one

of our own Year 11 students Connor Wrench was nominated for the Man

of Steel Award. Connor came runner up and it is a huge achievement to

be nominated in the top 3 players in his age group in Warrington.

Well done Connor we are all very proud!

In the High school of the Year Award, King's came out on top and we were announced

the winners for 2017. This is an excellent achievement for the school! All staff, students

and parents should be extremely proud. Brian Carney, who hosted the awards,

commented on the excellent rugby league provision provided in school with Warrington

Wolves delivering sessions during curriculum time and also leading the foundation rugby

club after school.

It was also mentioned that the school was the first in the town to create links with local

clubs following the successful partnership that has been formed with Woolston Rovers

ARLFC. King's has also participated in the Year 7 and 8 high school competitions that

have been held at Victoria Park with over 30 students being involved in the fixtures. In

March, the Year 9 and 10 rugby fixtures will start up at Victoria Park with King's once

again being represented in both competitions!

Mr Garrity collecting the

award on behalf of King’s

Rehearsal Exams Timetable Year 11

Rehearsal Exams Timetable Year 12

Following a number of issues with the supply of uniform over the summer it has been decided to terminate

the online purchasing of uniform through School Colours,

Access to their website has now ended and is now available for purchase via Tucasi.

Items can be collected from the school reception between 10.00am and 2.00pm, during the school term.

Alternatively, your child can collect the items from Student Services.

We hope that this resolves any issues moving forward.

The prices are as follows:

Blazer £34.00

Pullover £16.00

Tie £5.00

Hooded Sweatshirt £20.00

Traksuit Bottoms £19.00

Polo Shirt £13.00

Rugby Shirt £18.00

If you do not have a login for Tucasi or have forgotten passwords, please email info@kingswarrington.com to

request a new login as we are now a cashless office.

Many Thanks

School Uniform

Dear Parent/Carer,

Parent Survey Online Link

As per the Governor newsletter at the start of the school year, we announced plans to gather feedback from parents regarding the school in terms

of engagement and communication. The academy and the Governors want to look at areas where the school works well and can improve further,

and this feedback is an important part of this process. We have designed a questionnaire that should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete

which will hopefully provide more structured detail and information regarding parents/carers and their views.

We strongly encourage all parents to continue to complete this essential form of school feedback.

You can complete the questionnaire by clicking on the following link: https://goo.gl/forms/Bvy81iriRE3turar1

Note that while the survey is anonymous it will ask for an email address – this is to ensure that we do not receive duplicate responses. However,

please contact school if this is an issue and we will make sure that all views are recorded. We have also provided copies of the survey in school

reception if you would like to fill these in in person.

Please note that the survey should not be used for any issues that require immediate attention, these should be directed to the school as usual.

Also please note that we cannot respond to each individual response, although we have provided the opportunity to request further

discussion and involvement as part of this activity.

A summary of the survey findings will be made available in early 2018.

Pupil Premium Policy

EAL Policy

Parent Satisfaction Survey

Find Your Form Tutor

Pay for bags, trips and dinner money by logging in

to our scopay system:


For general Enquiries please email:


Uniform Orders

Student Canteen Cashless Account

At King's we operate a cashless canteen system, in which students use credit to make purchases at our Canteen.

There are three ways in which their cashless accounts can be topped up:-

Online - using Tucasi Please note payments via Tucasi take up to 24 hours to appear on your child's account in school.

At any one of our two Top-Up Machines open daily from 8am till 2pm Payments via our top-up machines appear

instantly on your child's account, enabling them to make payments immediately after topping up. Please note no change is


At Student Services In the event that there are problems with either method described above, students are able to

visit student services and have their accounts topped up there. Payments via student services will also appear instantly on

your child's account. Please note no change is given.

Each student at King's also has a £4.00 overdraft limit. This will ensure that your child will be able to make a total of at least

2 dinner purchases (for example 2 x ham or cheese sandwiches), thus ensuring they do not go without a dinner if they

happen to have no credit on their account. This has been put in place to ensure that our students have a chance to credit

their accounts if they happen to forget to top up etc. Please note, that once this overdraft is maxed out, and no further

payments into the system have been made, the student will not be able to make any further purchases until their account is

suitably credited.

Keeping the canteen account credited helps us in being able to serve our students much more efficiently and quickly.

Therefore we please ask your cooperation in this matter.

Our weekly menus are emailed to our students every Friday, and copies of our breakfast, cold counter and panini menus are

also available around the canteen noticeboards, and upon request.

King’s Term Time Calendar

GCSE Awards Ceremony - 23rd November

Year 7 and 8 Consultation Day - 4th December

Year 11 Moc k Exam dates 4th - 14th December

Week Commencing 7th December - Christmas Concert & Production

Christmas Dinner - 7th December

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