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Slipstream - December 2017

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

The Art of Paint

The Art of Paint Protection After Installation A virtually invisible urethane film professionally applied to high-impact areas of your vehicle to protect your paint job from stone chips, sand, road debris and bug acids. During Installation Owner Installed Highest Quality Guaranteed 2530 Tarpley Road, Suite 100 Carrollton, TX 75006 28 December

Club Race Recap: MotorSport Ranch By Glen Gatlin Jr. Photos courtesy of the Author otorSport Ranch was M established in 1996 by owner and founder Jack Farr. Now over 20 years later, it continues to turn out top notch drivers that dominate various classes throughout the region. There were several points championships decided at this event. This year’s race was run on the 1.7 mile configuration. Track sections include Ricochet, a high speed off-camber downhill section that’s blind on entry. Tombstone, on the back side, is a long tripleapex, high speed left hander. Big Bend is a high speed left turn leading onto the main straight. Rattlesnake differentiates itself as a very significant braking section after the high speed main straight, turning right and uphill into a tight twisty section. Notable finishes included Glenn Wiedenbeck out of Sulphur Springs, TX. Glenn beat local Dallas racer David Hodges for the Spec 996 Championship, coming in first in both the points sprint race, where David DNF’d (did not finish), and then again in the Enduro, where they both went the full distance. Glenn echoed many racers’ comments with “Great race, great place, On the Spec 996 podium: Glenn Wiedenbeck ,David Hodges great hospitality, more people need to make this event next year.” Jeannie said it best when describing her husband. ”Glenn goes all in with the things he loves and is a machine when it comes to racing. Two years in a row National champion. I’m a super proud wife!” Spec Boxster brought great racing with top tier talent, including Livio Galanti, the new owner of another local track, Eagles Canyon Raceway. Livio finished first in both the Red group Sprint and Red Group Enduro. Livio and his wife Paula have big plans for Eagles Canyon; they are making numerous upgrades including amenities, grinding down and patching rough areas, and the swankiest brake markers ever! Paula Galanti said they hope to attract more women participants in Drivers’ Education, car control clinics, and racing. Our region appreciates the passion this couple displays not only for each other, but for Porsche Club and gearheads across the board! Second place in Spec Boxster sprint was Brett Gabriel, followed very closely by John Gladwill. In the Red Group Enduro they swapped spots with John edging out Brett for second spot. It was a very close race across the class with notable performances by Bernard Nussbaumer, Denis Boulle, and Keith Olcha. Way to go Spec Boxster! This class is great to watch and one of the most closely contested nationally. There was some great racing in 944 SP1, with Steve Coomes winning the championship this year with a win in SP1. Steve won the Sprint and Pat Heptig won the Enduro. It was really fun watching these masters work their cars to the limit, literally the whole race -- wow!! In GTC4, new PCA racer Barry Bell excelled, winning both the Sprint and Enduro in that class. Joe Still from Huntsville, AL (Heart O’Dixie Region) cemented his GTC4 National podium finish with two solid second place results in both the Sprint and Enduro, utilizing dual support from local shop ToppRacing and his home shop Goldcrest Motorsports. Joe also came in for a tie finish for longest tow award against both Rocky Mountain Region PCA’ers Walt Fricke and GTA1 National winner Dale Hartzell. Barry Bell, Lisa Bell, and chief engineer of Quirt Racing, Quirt himself! Lisa had the quote of the weekend… ”Love Family, Love Life!” Notable quotes: Veteran PCA racer Steve Kent brilliantly stated ”It’s still not the cars, it’s the people!” National Scrutineer John Rickard: ”It’s amazing how talented these fields are. The racing is neck and neck, yet my job has been easy.” Thanks to National staff: Steward Mike Hoke, 15-year Timing and Scoring veteran Michael Wingfield, and Scrutineer Jeff Burger. Thanks again! Great race, great people, great event! 29

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