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Slipstream - December 2017

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

PCA Tours: Ray Roberts

PCA Tours: Ray Roberts Lake By Nick Maddox Photos contributed as noted he morning of this PCA T Maverick Tour started with my Lyft ride to Mark Pitarresi’s house, where I would be riding shotgun in “Betsey,” Mark’s 997. It was one of the first colder days of the upcoming winter season, paired with a slight morning rain. After our arrival, two 991 Turbo S’s pulled in back to back, followed by a Cayman GT4, and a 997 GT3. We had a good mix of new and classic Porsches! A crowd favorite was the beautiful red 1964 356 Coupe. After meeting with my friend Zachary Walker, we started talking about Porsches and waiting for the 918 that was rumored to arrive. Neither Zachary nor I are PCA members, but we volunteered for this Tour to be co-drivers for Mark and Derrick Tate, respectively. I was impressed by all the varieties of Porsches in the parking lot. Right before we started the drivers’ briefing, the rumored 918 Spyder (with Weissach package) in Martini livery made the corner into the Grayson College parking lot. Immediately the crowd that was getting ready for the drivers’ briefing completely changed their focus to the beautiful 918 Spyder. The owner parked his moving artwork and people flocked around the car, including my friend Zachary with his Camera. Zachary was able to get breathtaking, wallpaper-worthy photographs. With the 918 counted in, we began with 97 cars and 171 people, making it the best-attended PCA Tour of the year. The group Leaders were Peter Wen, Derrick Tate, John Harvey, Tom Martin, Young Slack, Tom Gomer, Mark, and Bill Orr. Mark and I led the secondto-last group to leave. I was able to get some great pictures and videos before we set off. The weather was Weissach Edition 918 (photo by Zachary Walker) crisp and warm enough to allow us to cruise with the windows down, so we enjoyed the start of what would be a great drive. We began our drive through Van Alstyne, where the roads were great but not exhilarating. This was more of just the beginning to the beautiful roads and scenery that would follow this town. Heading into Weston, we found ourselves on long straight farm-roads with some sweeping, wide corners and mostly open farmland scenery. The roads in this town were smooth, clear, and entertaining to say the least! Our next small town of Celina was where things slowed down, and we took several 90-degree turns through the downtown area. A few more long straights and sweeping turns later, we were in Pilot Point, which was also our designated rest stop. After a few great pictures, we started back up again over winding roads and more long straights just outside of Tioga and Valley View. White wooden fences lined the sides of these farm roads and gave me the feeling that we were miles from any downtown city area. It was very nice, quiet, and peaceful (other than the sound of the 911 of course). Leaving Sanger was my personal favorite point of the Tour, with sweeping corners, great straights, and beautiful homes with lots of land and endless views. The road that crosses the dam gave us great views of Lake Ray Roberts! We slowed down again heading into the small towns of Aubrey, Krugerville, Cross Roads, Oak Point, and Little Elm because the remaining portion of the Tour was more heavily populated. After 90.3 miles, the Tour ended at the Hula Hut Restaurant in Little Elm. The weather was perfect, there were beautiful cars everywhere, and we were right on Lewisville Lake. Hula Hut was the perfect destination with a massive parking lot and a great lake atmosphere! Mark & Rose Gohlke’s stunning 356 Coupe (photo by Bill Orr) 6 December

Tech Session: “Brake” the News! By Michael Baynton, Region Tech Session Chair Michael measuring brake rotor wear t’s important to remember that purebred I sports cars like Porsches are not just about “go.” In fact, one could argue that the “whoa” is an even more critical component of a performance car’s capabilities. Whether you are cruising to your local coffee hangout, enjoying a spirited drive on twisty back roads, or trying to find that last tenth on the track, having well-maintained brakes can often be the difference between enjoyment and panic. To learn more about the various components that make up a brake system, and to gain knowledge about the variety of options available on the consumer market, our most recent tech session on October 21 at Bennett Motor Werks sought to shed light on this complicated subject. Our generous host, Michael Bennett, presented an informative and comprehensive overview of common brake fluid options, brake pad and rotor choices, recommended replacement intervals, and even a discussion and demonstration on proper wheel torquing technique. His expansive and immaculate shop was a perfect venue for “brake school.” With over 50 Maverick Region members in attendance, Michael graciously answered a variety of questions and dispelled a lot of myths about brakes. In particular, there was a lot Photos by Bill Orr of discussion around the importance of replacing rotors vs. turning them for an extended service life. Attendees learned how to choose OEM vs. aftermarket components, and also how to properly upgrade a braking system (especially brake fluid) for track usage. Interestingly, Michael had never owned a Porsche, even though he has worked on them (and other famous German brands) for over 25 years. He also sells cars, and on this particular day he was representing a gorgeous, low-mileage 996 for a client. Perfectly clean inside and out, it garnered a LOT of attention from our members that morning, with a lot of purchase contemplation evident in the hushed conversations. Well, Michael must have learned a bit from his guests about a smart Porsche purchase, because Michael himself bought that 996 a few days later. He’s now a proud Porsche owner and one of our newest Mav members. Thank you again and welcome, Michael! Autocross Series: The 2017 Season is Complete By Mark Schnoerr, Region Autocross Chair Photo courtesy of the Author T he 2017 Maverick Region PCA / Equipe Rapide SCC Autocross season is behind us. For the most part, only a few course marker cones were sacrificed in ten events that averaged over 100 entries, who each got at least six runs on every course. That’s over 6,000 timed runs! By the end of the season, there were almost 400 participants, including 120 novices and 27 drivers in the special Porsche classes enjoying their cars at these exceptionally well-run autocross Sacrifice to the gods of autocross events. Ed Mayo, Julia Underwood, Doug Edney and Mike Syler earned points and participated in enough events to qualify for year-end awards. Nice driving! There will be an annual banquet after the holidays again this year where they will receive their awards. The final event of the year was also the Guns and Hoses Fund Raising Challenge with some local police and firefighters competing. Everyone had a good time at the popular Lone Star Park site and $5,000 was raised and donated to this worthy foundation. 7

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